Markh Investments Donates Two Motorcycles To Boost ONC Wakiso Empowerment Drive

Markh Investments Donate Two Motorcycles To Boost ONC Wakiso Empowerment Drive

As preparations gear up for the Bazzukulu Empowerment campaign in Wakiso, the Office of NRM National Chairman (ONC) has received two brand new Honda motorcycles from renowned City Businesswoman Ms Maria Namusoke Kamoga of Honda by Markh Investments as part of the initiatives by the office to empower Ugandan youths.

The Motorcycles were received by Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo, the custodian manager of ONC and Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs on Tuesday afternoon during a press briefing held at the Kyambogo offices in Kampala.

While handing over the bikes to Hajjat Namyalo, Ms Namusoke spoke full of praise for the ONC Boss’ efforts in the fight against poverty among the youths and women, and that her donation comes in to support the forthcoming Wakiso empowerment drive which will take place on Thursday, June 27, at Entebbe Muslim Grounds.

“I have come to give a hand to Hajjat Namyalo in her empowerment drives because she is doing a very impressive job in uplifting the lower-income people with capital items to help themselves out of poverty,” Ms Namusoke said.

“Whenever you look out for the needy persons and empower them, you’re helping a nation at large, and that is why we, as Markh Investments, have come out to contribute towards this cause,” she added.

Ms Namusoke also pledged that through her company, they will also donate hand tractors, sprayers, and other agricultural equipment to ensure farmers in Wakiso and Entebbe improve their farming with Value Addition as preached by the President in his numerous addresses to the nation.

“The President is always urging us on Value Addition so that our agricultural produce improves, and that’s why we feel these tools are important for the farmers to boost their income inflow from farming,” she said.

The ONC Manager, who has become a household name in empowering the youths across the country thanked Ms Namusoke for the generosity displayed in giving in the motorcycles, saying the motorcycle now adds to the many capital items that will be handed to President Museveni Bazzukulu at Entebbe Muslim Grounds in Wakiso.

“We want to leave a legacy of helping youths out of poverty, and very soon we’ll make a documentary featuring some of the beneficiaries from this initiative and how many jobs have been created by those who received the items,” Hajjat Namyalo remarked.

“This is an indicator of Value Addition to who appointed you. Even those who usually copy our strategies, please join us to help fight poverty amongst the Wanainchi,” she added.

Under the stewardship of SPA Namyalo, ONC’s unwavering dedication to uplifting communities and fostering unity underscores the pivotal role of grassroots empowerment in driving sustainable development.

Ever since the campaign started over a year ago, more than one million youths have benefited from the program, directly & Indirectly and the campaign continues to yield fruits in almost every corner of the country.

Wakiso, Entebbe, in particular, will be the next area reached by Hajjat Namyalo through President Museveni’s empowerment initiative which aims to donate a host of wealth-creation tools that can help people start up some businesses and start earning a daily income for their homesteads.

Some of the items which are expected to be given to the beneficiaries will include; sewing machines, metal fabrication and welding equipment, hairdryers, chips-making machines, popcorn machines, carpentry tools, and more as the office bids to empower communities towards self-sufficiency.

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