You’ve Neglected Us- Acholi Youths Petition President Museveni Over Delayed Empowerment Campaign For Northern Uganda

You've Neglected Us- Acholi Youths Petition President Museveni Over Delayed Empowerment Campaign For Northern Uganda

A section of disgruntled youths and leaders from the Acholi sub-region have petitioned to President Museveni through his Office of the NRM National Chairman in Kyambogo over the delayed empowerment campaign by the office to reach the northern parts of Uganda.

The disgruntled youths led by prominent Acholi Entrepreneur, Mr Johnson Kezekiya Nyeko expressed their petition through Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo, President Museveni’s Senior Political Advisor and custodian manager of the Kyambogo Office asking the President to fast-track support the wealth creation campaign so that youths in the northern subregion also benefit from the initiative.

Mr Nyeko specifically noted that, for long, the northern region, particularly Acholi and Lango provinces have always voted for the ruling NRM party, but it is disheartening to see that in the President’s ongoing empowerment campaign under ONC, the region has been left out with no clear schedule or plan when they will also benefit from the drive.

“Our people are always pro-government and have always voted Yellow, but the President should think about his Bazzukulu and extend this wealth creation campaign under ONC to the region, that’s all we ask for,” Mr Nyeko, who met and held interactions with SPA Namyalo last month noted.

The Acholi entrepreneur also asked Hajjat Namyalo to push for the empowerment drive so that it can reach the people of the north, just like she has done in several parts of the country.

The ONC Boss, who last year embarked on a series of empowerment activities has become a household name among the Bazzukulu for supporting youth grappling with unemployment. During her empowerment campaigns, the Chief Muzzukulu (as she is profoundly addressed) gives out wealth creation equipment to youths and organized groups with items such as welding machines, hairdryers, carwashing machines, popcorn machines, seedlings, and fertilizers, among others.

Recently the SPA gave out wealth creation tools worth millions from the President to the people of Kigezi Subregion in a mega empowerment drive held on May 31, 2024 at Kantare Playgrounds in Kashambya, Rukiga District in southwestern Uganda.

Hajjat Namyalo has continuously revived the reputation of NRM’s Museveni in mostly the Central and Busoga regions but the delayed funding from authorities responsible for the day-to-day running of the office leaves the activities such as empowerment at stake, yet the country is now entering a busy election period.

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