Go & Practice What You Preach! President Museveni Empowers ONC Coordinators With 6000 Poultry Chicks

Go & Practice What You Preach! President Museveni Empowers ONC Coordinators With 6000 Poultry Chicks

President Museveni’s Office of NRM – National Chairman (ONC) through its Manager, SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo has launched a mass empowerment program aimed at equipping ONC coordinators and staff with the necessary resources to participate in poultry farming, a lucrative business in Uganda.

The campaign, launched Monday at ONC head offices in Kyambogo, Kampala, saw Hajjat Namyalo hand over more than 6000 Kuroiler chicks to the first 50 beneficiaries of the initiative, with each coordinator taking home 100 chicks.

In her speech after launching the campaign, Hajjat Namyalo emphasized the importance of empowering the coordinators before moving on to the rest of the youth. She recognized that the success of ONC’s mission to empower the youth lies in the strength of its coordinators.

“Therefore, it is imperative to support and empower them first,” she remarked, adding that the first set of chicks were given to coordinators who showed readiness and dedication to participate in poultry farming.

“This initiative not only provides a sustainable source of income for the coordinators but also sets an example for the rest of the youth to follow,” Namyalo emphasized.

This is not the first time that ONC has embarked on such a mission. Since February last year, Hajjat Namyalo has been travelling to different parts of the country, empowering the youth with various equipment such as welding machines, bricklaying machines, and hair dryers, among others.

This has allowed many young people who acquired vocational skills to start their businesses, thus reducing the unemployment rate.

Moreover, to promote self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship, Hajjat Namyalo distributed 40000 chicks to the people of Luwero. The success stories from this community are a testament to the impact of ONC’s empowerment initiatives. Many families have been able to improve their standard of living and contribute to the development of their community.

The success of these empowerment programs would not have been possible without the support of President Museveni, who has always emphasized the importance of empowering the youth. Through ONC, he has provided a platform for young people to showcase their potential and become self-reliant.

In conclusion, the launch of this mass empowerment program for ONC coordinators and staff is a significant step towards achieving ONC’s vision of a self-sufficient and empowered youth.

With the continued support of Kaguta Museveni and the dedication of the coordinators, ONC is on its way to creating a better future for the youth of Uganda.

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