Hajjat Namyalo Preaches Unity As ONC Takes Wealth Creation Gospel To Kagadi District

Namyalo Preaches Unity As ONC Takes Wealth Creation Gospel To Kagadi District

The Head of Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC), Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has implored President Museveni’s Bazzukulu in Kagadi District to shun away from laziness and embark on exploiting their potential if they are to fight against poverty.

At an event held Bisaka International Stadium where the religion of faith was celebrating its 44th anniversary, Hajjat Namyalo asked the bazzukulu to wake up from the slumbering mode and work to get out of poverty noting that the government has provided all the peace required for the wanainchi to prosper.

“Am happy Owobusobozi is among the key people who have stood with the NRM government for the last couple of decades. I think the secret behind his support to us is the peace and freedom this government brought. So kindly let’s all pick a leaf from him and continue supporting this government but as you work. No one can bring food on your table other than you,” Namyalo ‘preached’ to the thousands who had gathered at Bisaka Stadium.

She further urged the bazzukulu to forego the divisionism in religions and work together to better their standards of living.

“Here they have been preaching about unity, let’s forget those things of I won’t work with my neighbor because he is in this and that religion. You can’t develop with such a mindset,” noted Namyalo.

Namyalo at the same event asked the bazzukulu to forego rumors that President Museveni won’t come back in 2026.

“I request all of you here to warm up for Museveni’s return in 2026. We must keep reminding him that we still need him on the ballot. So I request you to be ready to support him so that he can continue to drive this country steadily,” Namyalo added.

The Chief Muzzukulu later handed over empowerment items to Bisaka himself that he will distribute amongst his followers in a bid to kick poverty out of their homesteads.

Among the items included sawing machines, welding machines, sprayers, pop corn machines, carpentry machines, among very many others.

Kagadi now joins dozens of other districts that have tasted on Namyalo’s empowerment initiative and these include; Bushenyi, Iganga, Jinja, Bugweri, Tororo and very many others.

In her empowerment initiative she donates tools that can help people start up some businesses and start earning a daily income for their homesteads.

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