Top Facts About Hajjat Namyalo & Secrets Behind Her Success At ONC

Top Facts About Hajjat Namyalo & Secrets Behind Her Success At ONC

By Uncle Davies |  Mukono District ONC Coordinator

Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo is the head of the Office of the National Chairman NRM (ONC). Previously known by a hardcore circle that either studied, worked or did the party activism with her but now widely adored, known and a national demand to all the regions.

Hajjat Namyalo the true full name is making heads roll in the current political environment. Not as an opposition party head but as an epitome of creative mobilization for the ruling NRM party.

Having lost miserably in most of the central region, the wise eye of Sabalwanyi was quick to pick the young, focused, fearless and energetic lady by appointing her as the SPA/PA and then handing over once seen as a difficult assignment of not only mobilizing but assembling a team of young brains to set up a new face at Kyambogo.

She has rare characters only found in sophisticated individuals. At Kyambogo, she receives people from different walks of life and she has their answers.

You find her with diplomats, disgruntled mobilizers, crying mothers, destitute, ghetto people etc etc and at the end you will see a smile.

She dresses a natural welcoming smile that has made many get closer to her.

With all the good gestures she gives, it has not stopped a small circle of bad intent Ugandans to witch-hunt her with fake blackmail, lies to either divert her or fail her resolve of rejuvenation of the party not only in central but Uganda at large.

In a period of less than six months, she had identified her strong pillars in the country, you will not miss an ONC person in any district and this has made her called a mother wherever she goes.

It has not been normal for any one to execute and deliver diligently Mzee’s program but Namyalo is already excelling as the empowerment programs have so covered a good number of districts.
Effective approach to people issues is one reason this lady has made NRM shine again.

Raised the pride of being an NRM supporter and donning an ONC T-shirt or Cap can earn you a front seat at any high value function.
Being an ONC coordinator these days is enough to hobnob with any wannabe.

The power and electricity to win can only be fetched from Kyambogo.

Fight a humble, innocent, hardworking person, you kill the system.

The author is Uncle Davies – ONC Coordinator For Mukono District. 

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