ONC’s Hajjat Namyalo Pays Courtesy Visit To Kyabazinga, Discuss Collaborations To Combat Poverty In Busoga

ONC's Hajjat Namyalo Pays Courtesy Visit To Kyabazinga, Discuss Collaborations To Combat Poverty In Busoga

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, and Manager of President Museveni’s Office of the National Chairman of NRM (ONC), Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye earlier this week paid a courtesy visit to the Kyabazinga of Busoga, His Royal Highness William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV at his Igenge Royal Palace in Jinja District.

In the meeting which took place on Monday, February 05th, 2024, the ONC Manager and the Kyabazinga discussed how the kingdom can jointly work together to end poverty among youths in Busoga and Uganda at large.

“It was a great moment for our King to meet Museveni’s hardworking lady who has so far transformed thousands of Ugandans through empowering them. So we hope this mutual relationship between the two parties [Kingdom & ONC] will yield positive results for our people,” said a Kingdom source who was part of the meeting.

Ms Namyalo pledged the NRM commitment to working with all cultural and traditional leaders noting that these have a huge impact on the development of Uganda as part of the NRM Manifetso implementation.

Despite being well-endowed with natural and human resources, the Busoga Sub-region is synonymous with poverty and other vices, including teenage pregnancies, and early marriages.

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) says Busoga is the sub-region with most people living in a complete poverty cycle followed by Bukedea and Karamoja.

This is according to findings released in 2021/2022 by Mr Vincent Fred Senono, the principal statistician and head of analysis at Ubos.

The findings show that 14.5 per cent of people in Busoga are “totally poor”, while Bukedea has 10.4 per cent and Acholi has 10.3 per cent.

The above statistics explain why the workaholic Namyalo has given this region more attention ever since she kicked off her empowerment campaign last year. So far some of the Busoga districts that have benefited from Namyalo’s empowerment initiative include; Iganga, Jinja, Bugweri, Tororo and very many others.

In her empowerment initiative, the ONC boss donates tools that can help people start up some businesses and start earning a daily income for their homesteads.

Among the tools she donates include; popcorn machines, chapati-making machines, dryers, hair-cutting machines, sawing machines, welding machines, sprayers for farmers, car washing machines and sometimes even food like maize floor for bazzukulu to go feed their families since poverty comes with hunger.

Hajjat Namyalo has since revealed that she will in this new year 2024 traverse more districts in various regions across the country to make sure by the time HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni kicks off his 2026 election campaigns, he finds his people living a poverty-free life.

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