ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo Empowers Bugweri Residents With Income Generating Tools Ahead Of UPDF’s Tarehe Sita Celebrations Tomorrow

The manager of the mighty Office of the National Chairman (ONC) Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has spent the best of her Monday in Bugweri District, Busoga region, Eastern Uganda where she presided over pre activities to mark Uganda Peopleโ€™s Defence Forces (UPDF)โ€™s 43rd Tarehe Sita celebrations that will be held in Bugweri tomorrow.

Namyalo used the same event to empower thousands of Bazzukulu who gathered at Buseesa Primary school in Buseesa town council and further urged them to shun โ€˜politics of hateโ€™ but rather focus on politics of development.

โ€œOpposition comes here and confuses you that Jajja is no longer capable, forgetting that all the good sleep you enjoy at night with your wives is because of peace and stability that was brought by him in 1986. He didnโ€™t stop at that he formed a strong and disciplined force that you freely interact with. So tell those liers to swallow their lies,โ€ Hajjat Namyalo โ€˜preachedโ€™ told the masses.

She noted that in various parts of the country she has been delivering the empowerment tools, bazzukulu have been โ€˜cryingโ€™ for Museveniโ€™s 2026 return and said that therefore those wishing to replace him are just dreaming as Ugandans are not yet ready to see their capable leader retiring.

โ€œAs I have been telling you, me an a poor woman, I canโ€™t have money to buy all these multimillion tools you see here, this is your Jajjaโ€™s donation to you the wanainchi who are always sidelined by the technocrats. Museveni wants you economically empowered so that you can chase away those selfish politicians who normally come with sackets of salt to confuse you during elections, Jajja is till capable and you should join other bazzukulu across the country to send him a clear message saying: Jajja Tova Ku Main, 2026 Tukyikube Mpaka Ku Ballot,โ€ Namyalo added.

Shortly after, Namyalo started handing over empowerment tools to various groups in Bugweri.

Among the tools included sprayers, hoes, dryers, hair cutting machines, sawing machines, welding machines, pop corn machines, chapati making machines and very many others.

One muzzukulu who received a hoe and a sprayer notedย that it was a prayer answered to receive a donation from Museveniโ€™s office noting that being a farmer, the tools will hugely help him boost the quantity of his harvests.

โ€œFor long I have been hearing about this thing of Museveni, that through Namyalo he donates empowerment tools. Now, last evening when my son told me that Namyalo was visiting us at Buseesa playground, I knew those who will be around will get something and here I have my hoe and my sprayer,โ€ noted a jubilant Bagema John, one of the beneficiaries.

Hajjat Namyalo noted that Museveniโ€™s office will continue empowering bazzukulu across all districts until the entire country gets economically stable.

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