‘Squirting Your Maggots On Me Won’t Stop Our Mission’-Hajjat Namyalo’s Daring Statement Leaves Her Toxic Enemies Staggering

'Squirting Maggots On Me Won't Stop Our Mission'-Hajjat Namyalo's Daring Statement Leaves Her Toxic Enemies Staggering

The Office Of National Chairman(ONC) Manager Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has blasted her enemies who have resorted to spreading baseless propaganda and malice all in the name of sabotaging her office and tarnish her name in the face of her boss President Museveni.

Furious Namyalo who had no kind words for her enemies, described them as pigs and too dense to even understand her working tactics has thus told them to go and hang if they have failed to work within their designated offices other than resorting to sabotage her.

”Those who think they’re more worth, cool down your libidos as you wait for your time. If you have failed, Go and hang. Squirting maggots on me won’t stop our Mission so be blessed until  our era ends. #JajjaTovaKuMain” Namyalo penned down in a tweet.

Namyalo who recently got new nicknames as a magician and witch doctor further noted that being a witch doctor has indeed given her divine guidance and protected her from the manipulations of bad people and exposed the evil deeds perpetrated against her and her office.

”Yes am a witch doctor as alleged, that God guides on the bad people, alerts on the evil people do to me like these Pigs I chased. No one is Perfect but If you’ve failed to spell zero on me don’t lie the public because we had life before ONC and will have it after InshaAllah” she added. 

According to our highly placed sources at the Kyambogo offices, Hajjat Namyalo’s latest outburst was triggered by the recent attempt to fail the NRM Liberation day tournament organized by ONC in Jinja City where the bold and fearless Namyalo accused the minister for presidency Hon Milly Babalanda and deputy press secretary, Farouk Kirunda to be the ones behind the planned sabotage that was never a success as thousands of supporters turned up for the event that was held at Kankindu stadium.

Its worth noting that ONC organized a liberation day tournament in Jinja City where different teams in Busoga sub-region played to mark the 38 years of NRM government and later Hajjat Namyalo aka chief Muzzukulu empowered participants and supporters with wealth creation equipment as one of the means to mobilize support for her boss President Museveni.

However, Sources revealed that at prior to event, Milly Babalanda who had confirmed through a tweet that she would attend the launch, later boycotted it and instead resorted to sabotage the event after she allegedly paid hooligans to tell supporters anticipating to attend the event that there was a bomb threat but that did not deter masses from gathering at the Kakindu stadium.

Our sources have also established that the success of the Jinja event and all other party activities under the stewardship of Hajjat Namyalo left the enemies bitter and cursing their ancestors for not rescuing them from shame but they are still making illicit moves to sabotage her.

”Look at the success and the changes at ONC now under Namyalo’s leadership and compare with the likes of Milly Babalanda and Faruk Kirunda, the office had lost meaning and no one knew about it or its purpose. After leaving the office, they would actually acknowledge Namyalo’s immense contributions instead of trading baseless malice to sabotage her. All those negative and malicious posts on Twitter about Namyalo are being sponsored by the two people but Namyalo’s witch doctors actually guide her on where to put her attention because her only agenda is serving the office and secure victory for President Museveni in the upcoming 2026 elections. Actually to put it right, all the malice and propaganda is just background noise,” One of the sources who preferred to remain anonymous said.

”But on the other hand, one would wonder, who are they working for, are they working for the success of NRM and president president Museveni or for their own ? Unless we work with intention, nothing will be successful in our struggles. Because without others you can’t succeed” the source added.

Since she took over office, Namyalo who also doubles as the special presidential advisor on political affairs, has made tremendous achievements and changes with unwavering commitment to her mission and the promise of the new era that has set a new trend for the Bazzukulu and their support for President Museveni whom they passionately refer to as Jajja (Grandfather).

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