ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo Donates Empowerment Tools Worth Millions To Bazzukulu In Tororo, Implores Girls To Prioritize Education

ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo Donates Empowerment Tools Worth Millions To Bazzukulu In Tororo, Implores Girls To Prioritize Education

The head of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has spent her Monday in Tororo Municipality where she implored girls to focus on studies and stay away from horny men if they are to secure a bright future.

Hajjat Namyalo who also doubles as the Special Presidential Advisor on political affairs made the remarks at Rock View Primary School, the best Tororo UPE school in the recently released Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

At this function, Hajjat was invited by area legislator Hon Apollo Yeri Ofwono to recognize learners who performed excellently in PLE exams and also to empower their parents with tools that can generate for their families a daily income.

Among the items donated here included hoes, sprayers, pop corn machines, salon machines, welding machines, hair dryers, sewing machines to mention but a few.

On the other end, Hon Apollo donated to the best students blankets, bags and mattresses with some juicy envelopes to buy books and other scholastic materials ahead of their secondary journey.

While at this event that attracted magnitudes of bazzukulu from Tororo and surrounding districts, Namyalo commended parents for ‘milking their dry pockets’ to educate their children saying the country to prosper must have educated citizenry.

“My fellow mothers here I thank you for putting in all your efforts to educate these children, I know very well that most of you here are single mothers, our dads are no longer responsible but you have not given up,” said NamyalO.

“I also want to caution my fellow bazzukulu here especially our students, don’t be confused by these men, some have money but it’s not worth surrendering your life because most of those men are terribly sick.” she added.

Namyalo asked the bazzukulu to stay focused and don’t be diverted by the opposition calling it [opposition] a ‘man who engages a woman for one night stand.’

“Don’t be blind folded and hoodwinked by these opposition agents. They come here confuse you, use you and tomorrow drop you after achieving their selfish interests. They used to say government schools are not performing. Now tell me whether this Rock View that got 19 first grades and 112 second grades is funded by NUP or FDC,” Namyalo ‘preached’.

From the above event, Namyalo rushed to meet Saaco members of Kasoli Housing Project who appealed to her to pass on their outcry to President Yoweri Museveni whom they asked to intervene and save them from Standard Guarge Railway (SGR) mafias taking their land without compensation.

”We welcome the development, but it shouldn’t be more of harm than good to put people. Therefore, am going to push this matter to Jajja and am sure you will be compensated fairly.” Namyalo assured the residents.

Before all the above, Hajjat Namyalo passed by Tororo Central Market where she met various groups of bazzukulu who unanimously endorsed Kaguta Museveni to stand in 2026. Meanwhile, they requested Hajjat to source for them tailoring machines saying this is the business they understand better.

Further, the bazzukulu at this market exposed their leaders saying they only favor their relatives and friends when it comes to registering them for government programs.

“Hajjat most of the people who benefit from government programs like PDM and Emyooga are either relatives or friends of our leaders. Most of us are just hearing about that money. And it’s worse when it comes to people with disabilities. No one cares about them,” said one of the muzzukulu.

Namyalo assured them that she won’t shield any mafia and said will push these matters to her boss the National Chairman and soon those tainting the government image by ‘wetting their beaks’ with bazzukulu’s money will be brought to book.

Check Out Pictorial As Hajjat Namyalo Interacted With Bazzukulu In Tororo

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