From Empowerment To Sports: President Museveni’s Bazzukulu In Iganga Receive Start Up Capital Items As ONC’s Hajjat Namyalo Launches Liberation Cup

The manager of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo has left bazzukulu in Nabitende Sub County, Iganga district buzzing with excitement after delivering to them empowerment tools in a move to improve on their household incomes.

At an event held at Nabitende playground, Chief Muzzukulu was welcomed by several leaders who vowed to work with her office to ensure that HE YK Museveni stays in State House effectively serving his bazzukulu.

“Am glad to inform you Hajjat, with this kind of support you have continuously extended to bazzukulu across the country including here in Iganga, As leaders, we are ready to be your pillar in your campaign to keep Museveni on the main. We shall support you with all our efforts. Thank you for being a proud muzzukulu who is working tirelessly to see Museveni back on the ballot. In fact, we lacked this kind of energy that you came with and now that we have you, I swear Museveni will win 2026 with 99%,” Hajji Abubaker Walubi, the NRM chairman in Iganga District said.

Hajjat in her remarks cautioned those speaking hell against the ruling government saying they are just blind because Museveni has proved that he still holds a bright future for Ugandans, a reason he was entrusted with global Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) chairmanship.

“Thank you for welcoming us in Iganga, we have brought for you a couple of goodies which we hope if used genuinely can help end poverty in your homes. Museveni wants to see his bazzukulu living a better life. I caution you, don’t dare sell or misuse any equipment, if we learn about that, jail will be your new home,” Namyalo told beneficiaries of her empowerment campaign.

Shortly after, she started handing over the tools to various groups including Nabitende Development Association which she officially launched with a cash booster of Ugx1million.

Among the tools distributed include; hoes, sprayers, saloon equipment, dryers, pop corn machines to mention but a few and promised that soon she will come back with welding machines and car washing machines.

Meanwhile, Namyalo also gave Museveni’s bazzukulu hundreds of kilograms of maize flour to go feed the young bazzukulu they left at home.

Hajjat Namyalo sealed her evening at Jinja City at Bugembe stadium and launched Bazzukulu Liberation Cup ahead of NRM’s Liberation Day celebrations that will be held in the same City on January 26th.

At this event, Namyalo cautioned youths against alcoholism among other terrible vices and urged them to engage in sports saying this is the only way they can promote their talents but also remain physically fit.

“You all saw our Jajja how physically fit he is. You remember those clips he recorded for us during COVID days? So he wants you to live longer like him. Therefore avoid those reckless habits that can easily take your lives,” Namyalo tipped the youths.

After, Namyalo accompanied by the national coordinator in charge of games and sports,  Mr Seth Murari handed over to various teams footballs and jerseys.

See Some Of The Pictures During The Two Events

Empowerment Drive In Busoga Sub-region: A Boost For President Museveni's 2026 Votes As ONC's Hajjat Namyalo Distributes Start Up Capital Items, Launches Bazzukulu Liberation Cup
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