Opinion: What Happened At Abtex’s Enkuuka In Mengo Is An Affirmation Of Success Of NRM’s Socio-economic Transformation Principle

Opinion: What Happened At Abtex’s Enkuuka In Mengo Is An Affirmation Of Success Of NRM’s Socio-economic Transformation Principle

By Moses Kintu | Assistant Communications Officer ONC

In his addresses, the National Chairman NRM HE Gen Museveni has ever reiterated the ingredients of the Real Economy among which he reflects entertainment and leisure as additional to the cores of spirituality, human resource development, and others.

The end of the year usually pulls huge incomes to the National Treasury as citizens tend to spend extraordinarily on transport, beverages, and accommodation to create memories of exiting one year to another. The enkuuku has always stood out among the several events organized at every close of the year, spearheaded by the Buganda Kingdom.

The Kabaka’s assured attendance of the enkuuku always draws mammoth crowds to feast with their cultural leader as they cross into the new year. Unlike the previous enkuuku, the recent 2023 has left debates in the political sphere owing to what transpired.

Abtex is a renowned events manager with rich experience, ranking him among the top in the country. He ably applies all techniques that enable him to register success at every event he organizes. Having had another event of Nkwacho festival of Alien Skin happening the same day, Abtex applied the same strategy of applying the mix of politics just as he did when he organized the Alien Skin concert at Freedom City some months back.

I will not believe the strong allegations of him giving a kickback to the politicians whom he agrees to use in his marketing strategies but accept the creativity he does to register uniqueness. At the enkuuku, organized supporters were witnessed raising charts posters for the National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Mr Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine the moment Mawokota North MP, Hon Hillary Kiyaga aka Haldeman stepped on the stage.

Abtex’s catchy approaches have engulfed the start of the year social debates with interesting deliberations by the public. On social media sites like X formerly Twitter, a section of the Bazzukulu are holding Buganda institution accountable forgetting that, what transpires at any event is 100% in the interest of the event’s manager. Just as any entrepreneur, profits take priority at every investment and all had to be done to not register losses.

The NRM’s principle of socio-economic transformation is the explanation for such a thriving economic atmosphere, granting entrepreneurs to apply their skills to create jobs and wealth while powering the national economy. HE Gen Museveni, is such a strategic leader who mastered that the economy is about letting all actors irrespective of their political affiliations take stage without fear of sabotage on their investment. The drunkards who consumed beer, the chips and roasted chicken vendors, and Boda Boda transporters who worked through that night were able to register income, which is the daily prayer of the President.

A socio-economically transformed society in Uganda is a goal achieved that gives NRM pride as they witness the fruits of the mustard seed sown at the cost of lives of patriotic men and women for 5 years in the jungles of Luweero- –Triangle.

The National Chairman’s desired ultimate goal is that Ugandans can fight poverty at the household through setups of income-generating projects to the households that can enable them to consume leisure services using their savings. He is concerned about having a speedy growing economy of Uganda with a GDP of more than USD 42 trillion, yet households are languishing in poverty.

Abtex’s unique skills despite the surrounding controversy are enabling him to reap huge profits from the secure and appetizing economic atmosphere created by the National Resistance Movement under the steward leadership of HE Gen Museveni Jajja to the Bazzukulu who form such a reliable market.

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