‘We’re One Team Pursuing One Common Goal’-Kigongo Commends ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo’s Strategies To Revive NRM Support Across The Country

'We're One Team Pursuing One Common Goal'-Kigongo Commends ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo's Strategies To Revive NRM Support Across The Country

The National Vice Chairman of NRM Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo has blasted individuals disturbing the peace of Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo the Office of the National Chairman NRM Manager.

Kigongo made the remarks at the end of year prayers held  at the ONC office – Kyambogo, an event that was honored by hundreds of NRM carders, religious & political leaders in various capacities and NRM-ONC coordinators from various corners of the country.

Also, these prayers were honored by NRM party Secretary General, Hon. Richard Todwong.

Kigongo urged the NRM coordinators and carders to stay on the main of supporting the movement saying it has not only shaped the country but also the wanainchi through various ways including empowering them economically, a job that has been done well by Namyalo.

He noted that the movement is ready to support Namyalo in all ways because her contribution is visible and so immense.

“Please stop disturbing Namyalo, movement is ready to support you and our Chairman has always supported you, I think you know that [referring to Namyalo]. All of you stand behind Namyalo, it’s not easy to organize these youths like she has done, so better stop rumor mongering and fighting her, that way we shall be able to achieve our targets,” said Hajji Kigongo.

On her part, Namyalo informed the country that come what may! HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni must stand again for 2026 presidential elections because he still has alot to do for his loyal bazzukulu.

“My elder Hon Kigongo kindly deliver my message to your brother and our Jajja Museveni that bazzukulu are not ready to see him stepping down any time soon, we want him back on the ballot in 2026 because the fact is we still demand alot from him,” said Namyalo.

Namyalo noted that 2023 has not been a smooth year for ONC office but thanked God that through the guidance of her boss President Museveni and other experienced leaders like Hajji Kigongo she has been able to overcome.

“Am shocked that very many people among us create unnecessary fights and yet they claim to be supporting Museveni. How do you say you are with us yet you are fighting us. May God deal with all the evil hearted people and enable us win them always so that we can be able to achieve our mission of seeing Museveni registering a 99% national victory come 2026,” Namyalo noted.

On his part the SG NRM, Hon Todwong cursed those who trade gossips that he is in bitter terms with Namyalo saying that those are political enemies who want to create bad blood between the Secretariat and ONC.

“When ever they say we are fighting, I call my sister and ask her Namyalo is it true we are enemies? She laughs and I laugh. So always trash those fake rumours. We are one and our target is to see Museveni serving this nation for more decades, that’s our common goal and working with Namyalo I know we shall achieve it,” said Todwong.

He praised the chief muzzukulu for reviving the party’s popularity especially in Kampala where it was shrinking.

“Namyalo I will personally support you, you have made all streets of Kampala yellow. People especially the youths are now proud to wear Museveni Tova Ku Main t-shirts. You came with the vibe that was surely lacking. You have won in that field and we shall surely stand behind you,” said Todwong.

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