Putting Prosperity Into The Hands Of The People: ONC Boss Hajjat Namyalo Takes Poverty Eradication Initiatives To Greater Bushenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni through Office of the National Chairman (ONC) has donated wealth creation items to Bushenyi youths as one of the ways to eradicate poverty and improving household incomes among citizens across the country.

The poverty eradication drive is being championed by ONC manager Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye who delivered start up capital items including fertilizers, spraying pumps, popcorn machines, hoes, Welding Machines, Saloon equipment among others the youths and women in greater Bushenyi at Kizinda Playgrounds during belated Youth day celebrations yesterday.

The Bushenyi Youth Day was graced by many District leaders including Chairman LC5, Members of Parliament, Councilors, Religious, Youth leaders among others.

In her message to the people of Bushenyi the ONC Boss implored the youth of greater Bushenyi to work hard and get out of poverty to as well fight corruption, petition Government to make sure that prices of tea in the Country can increase so as to create more jobs for youth and workforce in the tea growing areas.

She further thanked the people of Bushenyi for loving the NRM Government, President Museveni further assuring them that President Museveni is still their sole candidate for 2026 general elections and beyond.

Hajjat Namyalo who also doubles as the Senior Presidential Advisor on political affairs noted that some confused people have been diverting Museveniโ€™s support with claims that the โ€˜man with hatโ€™ will be stepping down any time soon something she said is very untrue and should not be given attention.

โ€œBefore I say anything, I have come here to tell you that our dear president Yoweri Museveni is just preparing himself and warming up for 2026 elections, let no one confuse you that he is soon retiring, thatโ€™s pokopoko that you should trash to the nearest dustbin,โ€ Namyalo said.

She equally applauded leaders of Bushenyi including the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), Security agencies for working to promote peace and harmony with in Districts of Greater Bushenyi and its neighbors.

Namyalo emphasized that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, will be on the Ballot come 2026.

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