Iganga District Residents Receive Start Up Capital Items As ONC Intensifies Jobs & Wealth Creation Across The Country

Iganga District Residents Receive Start Up Capital Items As ONC Intensifies Jobs & Wealth Creation Across The Country

The Office of the National Chairman led by the Senior Presidential Advisor Political Affairs Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has again continued to intensify the fight against poverty by empowering multitudes of individuals with Capital items in Iganga District.

The celebrations which attracted thousands of people across Iganga District were held at the Municipal playground in Iganga with Mr Moses Kintu the – Ass. Communications Officer presiding over as the Chief Guest on behalf of Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye.

The annual celebrations organized by the Greater Iganga Farmers Cooperative Union bring together more than 100 SACCOs from the Districts of Bugiri, Bugweri, Iganga, Luuka, Mayuge and Namutumba.

He mentioned how they have so far disbursed millions of funds at every parish under the Parish Development Model program and expects all Ugandans to have strongly benefited from the arrangement.

As the Patron, he informed the Chief Guest that he had secured a ready market for all the Union Produce being a member of the Uganda Grain Council.

At this event, 80 National Unity Platform members converted to the National Resistance Movement and were welcomed by Mr Kintu Moses, the District Chairperson NRM and the RDC.

The District Woman Representative Iganga District Hon Alibaawo thanked the ONC manager for having Busoga at heart that she continues to empower several districts within the region to fight poverty.

She pledged to deepen the relationship with ONC since it has expressed a good cause to fight poverty in the household.

She requested the Chief Guest to inform the President that farmers in Coffee, Cocoa and other seedlings are facing a collapse of their businesses since NAADS stopped purchasing seedlings from them and the peasants can not afford the cost despite the high demand to practice Coffee farming.

On behalf of ONC, Mr Kintu extended an apology to the people of Busoga and Iganga District in particular from the ONC Manger Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye for not making it physically due to unavoidable circumstances but for her love for the people of Iganga, he instructed him to execute the roles.

He appreciated the peasants’ hard work and put into action the message of value addition as advocated by the National Chairman NRM HE Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. On his inquiry from the gathering, whether they received the PDM funds, 70% of them refused to have benefited due to the intense corruption in the program by its officers.

More than 10 people from different parishes testified to have been asked to pay more than Ugx 50,000/- by the Parish Chiefs to include them in the program which they couldn’t afford. It was at this point that the Chief Guest tasked the RDC to follow up on the matter and make sure all the thieves paid back the money collected from the peasants.

He asserted that President Museveni instructed the ONC to follow up on several programs and they are to conduct a swift inquiry to have the culprits arrested. He added that these very Government officers are the reason why the right programs of the NRM are frustrated and end up not achieving the intended goals.

He expressed gratitude to all the Bazzukulu who have taken the front line in fighting the war of poverty and therefore the ONC is to continue empowering several of them across the country. Before distributing the Capital Items that included; welding machines, sewing machines, G-Nuts machines, Spray pumps, etc, he emphasized the need for quality to be able to tap into the wider market secured by the National Chairman NRM he repeatedly referred to as Jajja across Africa and Globally.

Hundreds of groups from different parishes were empowered with tools and cautioned not to sell them off to avoid arrests as the Office of the National Chairman follows up on all that it distributes for Monitoring and Evaluation needs.

He also pledged a contribution of UGX1 Million from Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye to the Union SACCO before extending his concern about the high rate of teenage pregnancies and HIV on which he advised the Bazzukulu to apply the ABC strategy as advocated by HE the President.

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