ONC’s Head Hajjat Namyalo Delivers Empowerment Package To Kamwokya Ghetto Youths, Tips Them On How To Safeguard Their Lives

ONC's Head Hajjat Namyalo Delivers Empowerment Package To Kamwokya Ghetto Youths

Office of the National Chairman (ONC) Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has cautioned the youths against unsafe sexual relations and using drugs which may lead them to committing criminal acts thus destroying their dear lives.

Hajjat Namyalo who also doubles as the Special Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs made the comments while delivering an empowerment package to residents of Kamwokya who had gathered at Life Treasure Center (TLC) to give her a warm welcome and also receive a message from President Museveni.

โ€œPlease fellow youths I urge you to stay off drugs, because these will lead you into problems and getting arrested. To the girls, I advise to safeguard your Letter O, because you will still find men when you grow up and finish your studies,โ€ Namyalo said while interacting with the masses.

As it is her mission and that of her boss to eradicate poverty and improve house hold incomes, Hajjat Namyalo announced that she has embarked on economically empowering the ghettos as part of the Ten Point Program as proposed by the NRM party Chairman, President Museveni.

And to implement the above, Namyalo and her team distributed assorted items and equipment that will enable youth groups to start up small businesses.

As part of the campaign, Hajjat Namyalo on Friday met several youth groups that received items which include; Wielding machines, deep fryers, car washing machines, G-Nuts grinding machines, popcorn machines, Saloon equipment, among others.

Addressing the gathering, Hajjat Namyalo told the youth groups that all this is possible through the coordination of the ONC and the Office of the President.

โ€œAs we celebrate the 9th Anniversary of the Kamwokya NRM Voice Army, we launch a campaign known as Empowering Kamwokya People, during which several youth groups shall receive items like these in phases,โ€ Namyalo said.

Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo handing over some saloon equipment to Ghetto Youths in Kamwokya
The ONC boss however noted that there are also several women groups that had registered with her office and that these are to be considered first in the next phase.

Some of the groups that benefited from the package she delivered include among others; Senfuka Hassan/Rogers Popcorn, Kamwokya Kikete Charcoal Stove, Kaguta Street โ€“ Pop Con Machine, GRL Youth Group G-nuts Machine, White Street โ€“ Hair Cutting Machines/ Shavers.

Others include, PWD Women Group โ€“ Pop Con Machines, Kamwokya Awake Chips Machine, Church Area Youth Dev. Group โ€“ Pop Con Machines, Kwonkya Bodaboda Saving group โ€“ Washing Machines, Kisenyi 1 Youth Group โ€“ Sowing Machine, Voice Army โ€“ Welding Machines, Agali Awamu group โ€“ (under Ssekayiba Rogers) Chips Machines among others.

In her closing remarks, the ONC boss however, also encouraged the Ghetto Youths to utilize government poverty eradication programs, especially the Parish Development Model fund, by using the money given to them to transform their lives.

She thus injected One Million Uganda Shillings to the Kamwokya NRM Voice Army Sacco as part of her contribution and promised to make for them a follow-up.

In his remarks, the Mayor Kampala Central, Hajj Salimu Uhuru, thanked Hajjat Namyalo for the gesture, noting that it is one avenue to spread the gospel of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party among Ugandans.

โ€œVery few people return to the ground after being appointed to big offices the way Hajjat Namyalo does, her efforts in fighting for the wellbeing of the common Ugandan, the ghetto people, are commendable,โ€ Mayor Uhuru said.

Mayor Kampala Central, Hajj Salimu Uhuru speaking to Ghetto Youths in Kamwokya
The event saw an outpouring of gratitude from the residents of Kamwokya, who expressed their appreciation for ONC Boss dedicated efforts in empowering the youth and advancing their communityโ€™s welfare.

The impactful gesture is expected to resonate within Kamwokya, fostering a spirit of empowerment and unity among the youth while signaling a promising step forward in the pursuit of community prosperity.

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