Kayunga District Youth Day Celebrations: ONC Empowers Youths &Women With Start Up Capital Items Worth Millions

Thousands of Kayunga residents have received start up capital items worth millions from President Museveni through the Office of the NRM National Chairman(ONC).

The package was delivered by the ONC head Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye aka Chief Muzzukulu during belated International youths day celebrations on Wednesday 22, November 2023.

The celebrations which attracted thousands of people across Kayunga District were held at Nakyessa Play grounds in Kayonza Sub-County with Hajjat Namyalo presiding over as the Chief Guest.

While Interacting with the fully charged masses, Chief Muzzukulu who has become the center of debates across the country for championing wealth and job creation for all Ugandans, was commended for being open minded and dedicating her efforts to serving the people than her own personal interests.

As mandated by her office, Namyalo spent hours listening to the challenges of the local people and some of the challenges put forward include; the poor the road network in the area, lack of access to clean water, lack of access to health facilities/Medicare, mismanagement of Emyooga and PDM funds which the locals openly reported to Namyalo that the funds have not reached the intended beneficiaries among other issues that Namyalo promised to follow up through her office.

After listening to the people’s challenges, Namyalo noted that due to the urgency of their needs, she will directly engage President Museveni and have their issues handled with utmost attention further assuring them of her commitment to improve their livelihoods.

Inside The Empowerment Package

Meanwhile thousands of President Museveni’s Bazzukulu have walked away smiling ear to ear after receiving income generating items like sewing machines, haircutting tools, hair dryers, popcorn-making machines, bricklaying equipment, seeds, fertilizers, deep fryers, hoes, sprayers among others.

The empowerment package was distributed to groups from different sub-counties in Kayunga district including, Kangulumira youths development group, Sibyangu women’s group, Basooka Kwavula Women’s group, Galiraya youth development group, Baale tukole Bukozi group, Nazigo hot culture group, Kanywero Youths Grind Millers Group, Biyinzika farmers group, Kakyika youths group, Nakyessa Brick layers group, Namirembe development group, Zinunula development group, Kayunga town council group, among other groups and individuals.

Ever since she began her term in the Kyambogo-based offices, Hajjat Namyalo has activated community engagement and championing the gospel of wealth and job creation as proposed by her boss President Museveni to get every Ugandan into the money economy.

Namyalo has uniquely demonstrated a more authentic and sincere way of direct engagement with local leaders and and economically supporting voters on personal levels regardless of their party affiliations, some thing that has restored hope among Ugandans.

Through her office, Hajjat Namyalo has engaged with different communities across the country to find practical solutions to local challenges and taking feed back to the relevant authorities which has greatly contributed to more responsive and effective service delivery for the people.

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