Fostering Inclusive Money Economy: ONC Delivers Income Generating Items For Youths & Women During Youth Day Celebrations In Mpigi District

Fostering Inclusive Money Economy: ONC Delivers Income Generating Items For Youths & Women During Youth Day Celebrations In Mpigi District

The Office of the National Chairman (ONC) has today donated an empowerment package to the people of Mpigi District as they celebrated belated international Youths Day.

The empowerment package aimed at improving house hold incomes and boosting wealth among locals especially the bazzukulu was delivered during celebrations held at Bujjuko play grounds in Muduuma Sub-County in Mpigi District.

The Package was delivered by the Assistant Communications Officer at ONC Mr. Kintu Moses on behalf of ONC Manager Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo Uzeiye who was away on official duties.

In her message delivered to the locals and youths in Mpigi, Namyalo implored the Bazzukulu to be patriotic and love their mother land Uganda by taking the mantle in monitoring government programs and projects as well as exposing those who misuse government funds which would in return help authorities to take action.

“For long, these opposition members have been speaking hell against the good NRM government, it’s the language they use to confuse you, but they don’t tell you that this same government has empowerment programs like Emyooga, PDM aiming to uplift you economically. Recently Ugx1billion was released for maintaining your district roads, why is the opposition not talking about this, are they blind? Kindly don’t succumb to their comical poli-trics, ” Kintu said.

While delivering Hajjat Namyalo’s message, Mr. Kintu also tasked locals to demand accountability from their leaders and monitor Emyooga, PDM funds usage and implementation in their areas.

During an interaction, locals revealed that Mpigi district received over UGX 6 billion but most locals under their SACCOs have not received the funds despite submitting all the necessary requirements, a revelation that Mr. Kintu promised to follow up with his boss Hajjat Namyalo.

“If you didn’t receive PDM cash, why do you keep silent? Do you want Museveni to come here in Bujuuko to monitor this program? That’s impossible, be responsible and fight for your share so that you can benefit. We shall do a follow up with my boss to see how the 6 Billion was spent and how the beneficiaries are progressing”. he added.

According to Kintu , much as programs like Emyooga and PDM are giving people cash, ONC is currently focusing on giving Ugandans hands on start up capital items as one of the ways to implement Museveni’s gospel of every Ugandan getting into a money economy.

Some of the income generating items delivered to the youths include; fertilizers, welding machines, chips frying machines, spraying machines, seeds among others.

Some of the groups that walked away with the delivered items include; K-Light Group Nabyewange, Mawokota North Constituency, Mpigi District Women with Disabilities, Tukolere Wamu Development, Kiringente Youth Development, Kyosiga Kyokungula Muduuma, Mpigi District Youths Council, Agali Awamu Development SAACO, Bujjuko Youth Development group, Kayabwe Group and Buwama Development Group among others.

Some Of The Pictorial Moments As Beneficiaries Received the empowerment Package

Meanwhile the locals in Muduuma sub-county through Mr, Kintu have also requested Hajjat Namyalo to intervene and save them from the problem of shortage of clean water noting that they trek mails to access clean water, something that has made their lives impossible especially the women.

Furthermore the locals have also requested Hajjat Namyalo to help them with the renovations and expansion of Bujjuko primary school which has recently become too small to accommodate the population of Pupils from the communities around.

The Locals in Muduuma through Kayanja Aloysius who represented the area Chairperson commended President Museveni and Hajjat Namyalo for the consideration in empowering Ugandans not only in Mpigi but all the regions across the country.

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