Exposed! Mafia Ministers Resort To Malice To Tarnish Hajjat Namyalo’s Name After Failing To Infiltrate Her Incorruptible Structures To Swindle Gov’t Money

Exposed! Mafia Ministers Resort To Malice To Tarnish Hajjat Namyalo's Name After Failing To Infiltrate Her Incorruptible Structures To Swindle Money

Office of the National Chairman (ONC) boss Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye aka Chief Muzzukulu has exposed evil and corrupt ministers who have since embarked on malice and trading lies to spoil her name and reputation so that she can be kicked out of her Kyambogo- based office.

After intercepting the ministers’ evil plans, furious Namyalo took it to her X (former twitter) to expose them noting they have resorted to sabotaging her office especially the empowerment of Bazzukulu programs aimed at creating wealth and improving house hold incomes across the country, some thing the evil ministers have failed to achieve in their years of service.

”A group of shameless ministers, desperate to maintain their positions, have resorted to failing the self-empowerment program of the Bazzukulu. These mafia ministers, who hate to witness empowered Bazzukulu, have planned to parade a group of bafere beneficiaries to H.E” Namyalo said in a statement last evening.

”You had your time and failed! No amount of malice will stop us from empowering our fellow poor Bazzukulu as long as we are still alive! Now is Bazzukulu time!” she emphasized.

According to our intimate sources, the ministers are planning to stage fake city gangs and take them to President Museveni to lie to him that empowerment items like brick laying machines, pop corn machines hair dryers, car washing machine among others that Hajjat Namyalo has been giving out as start up capital to women and youths across the country, are donated during day on camera and later collected by ONC, allegations Namyalo has trashed with irrefutable evidences.

The dangerous scheme is meant to push the commander in chief into an anger mode so that he can kick Namyalo out of ONC and eventually appoint one of the many money vampires waiting to take over the office and start from where they stopped as far as swindling money is concerned.

Our highly placed surveillance sources have since established that the mafias tried to infiltrate Hajjat Namyalo’s incorruptible and transparent structures to get a fair share of the taxi payers money meant to help Ugandans but have terribly failed.

Now, they would rather see her fail and kicked out office than not giving them a chance to swindle money from the government, a move that Namyalo has vowed to fight or at least die trying.

According to the mafias whom she vowed to name and shame in due course, if you are appointed, you should establish a ”mafialism circle” you will eat with after stealing tax payer’s money which is contrary to her working ethics.

”They have not started today, they have been trying all the possible games but fail, now they have launched a deadly mission to see Namyalo out of that ONC office by feeding Museveni with falsehoods. All they want is to get her out of that office then they start stealing money. But I think Museveni knows these ruthless people, that’s why he has been ignoring them and instead continued supporting his chief muzzukulu to go on with youths empowerment,” one of the sources confirmed.

Meanwhile, some of the bazzukulu who benefited from ONC under the stewardship Hajjat Namyalo have vowed to fight back against the bad- hearted ministers by tabling the benefits of items they got from ONC including records of their savings as evidence to expose the enemies of progress.

Zaituni Nabbale one of the beneficiaries from Rubaga division Division dismissed the allegations noting that those are the people who have kept Ugandans poor since they only care about themselves and their families.

”From the time I received the pop corn machine from ONC, I make some extra cash to save everyday on top of what I use to feed my family as woman you understand our needs. Now those fighting against this empowerment for poor Ugandans are the real enemies of progress that President Museveni should look into and analyze their contributions for the NRM party” Ms Nabbale said.

”I have even saved some money for the future to expand the business, and my record of my savings speaks for itself. I have never had anyone talking about or asking me to return the machine, those liers should be fully investigated ” she added.

Other beneficiaries who received the items including; Bukenya Lawrence, Hawa Namutebi both from Luweero, Katumba William (former Chairman UTODA), Seven hills group, Faruk Bulime (Kampala), Ndugwa Charles from Kewempe among others told our reporters that the shameless individuals trading such lies should first do ground research and establish facts before talking such nonsense.

‘Those are pure political failures in the NRM government, first of all, those ministers whom I can’t name now have been in their offices for decades, what have they done for their people with the huge budget they get? How can they fight Hajjat Namyalo with all the things she is doing the poor Ugandans?, How many ministers have reached out to us with such a hands on empowerment to bring in daily incomes yet some can’t even face their voters? Ndugwa Charles from wondered”.

”From the items we received, no one has ever come to collect them, Infact am hearing that statement for the first time” he added.

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