President Museveni Confirms Arrest Of ADF Leader Behind The Killing Of Tourists In Queen Elizabeth Park

ADF Leader Behind The Killing Of Tourists In Queen Elizabeth Park Arrested

President Museveni has revealed that the UPDF killed six suspected ADF fighters on Lake Edward believed to have masterminded the attack that left two tourists and their driver dead last month.

In a statement on Sunday, the president said the group commanded by Njovu, real name Abdul Rashid Kyoto was also responsible for the attack on Lhuririha secondary school in Kasese, burnt truck of onions and tried to attack parked trucks on the Congo-Kasindi side.

“The Njovu group was attacked by the UPDF marine boat on Lake Edward. They did not fully utilize their success after attacking the boat of terrorists. Otherwise, all the terrorists would have been captured,” Museveni said.

He however noted some gaps in the operation that saw seven other group members escaped when the UPDF delayed checking the crippled boat.

“They delayed in checking the crippled boat until morning, when the 7 had escaped. It was their first time to fight on water. They are perfecting their combat drills” he said before commending the marines and CMI for the good job during this operation.

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