ONC Boss Namyalo Unveils Village To Village Mobilization Campaign, Vows To Crash Greedy Landgrabbers

ONC Boss Namyalo Launches Village To Village Mobilization

The Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC) manager Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye has today launched a massive village to village mobilization campaign aimed at regaining the National Resistance Movement(NRM) support especially at grassroot levels.

According to Hajjat Namyalo, this has been done to mobilize support for the ruling party ahead of the upcoming Local Council One (LC1) and women’s council elections as well as promoting community empowerment, wealth creation, improve house hold incomes as advised by President Museveni.

While speaking to hundreds of village coordinators, and mobilizers who gathered at the Kyambogo based office on Friday afternoon, Hajjat Namyalo who also doubles as the Senior Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs noted that this mega campaign is going to be village-based and is meant to build a strong foundation for 2026 general elections.

“The NRM Electoral Commission is soon unveiling the roadmap for the party primaries, and I want to ask you all to participate in the elections without fear, no one should stop you. We have long-serving LC1 chairpersons who use their positions to influence and connive with land grabbers to steal your land, therefore, the only to get rid of them is by standing against them in the coming village LC elections,” she said.

Among the achievements targeted in the newly launched village to village strategy include; improved access to healthcare, education & initiatives, such as the construction of healthcare centres, and establishment of schools in remote areas.

The campaign, according to Hajjat Namyalo also aims to help bridge the gap between the rural & urban areas in terms of service delivery.

Hajjat Namyolo used the same opportunity to blast selfish and greedy individuals using the President’s name to grab land from Ugandans noting that she will fight tooth and nail to expose them.

”President Museveni never sends anyone to evict people from their land, this has cost the NRM its support in the Buganda Region, in the Ghettos, Busoga, and several parts of the country. Some ruthless mafias come with military capes, others use guns to threaten our people telling them that they come from State House, they use this kind of language to grab people’s land. I want to tell them now, that Namyalo is unshakable and nothing will stop me from battling such mafias, I hear some have guns, let them be ready to shoot me, but I won’t tolerate that nonsense causing hatred to our good government” she noted.

Meanwhile, Hajjat Namyolo further scoffed at city socialite Frank Gashumba and his counterpart Ibrahim Kitatta for attempting to claim ownership of #TovaKuMain2026 slogan which she says does not belong to her but to the office and the Bazzukulu.

Hajjat Namyalo and her team’s jubilations come after ONC successfully floored the two self-seekers in case where Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) dismissed their claim over ownership of the slogan that has been widely used by the NRM Supporters to endorse President Museveni’s candidature for 2026 general elections and beyond.

“If they want to appeal, let them go ahead and appeal, we will still trounce them and they will pay heavily,” Hajjat Namyalo said.

Some Of The Pictorial Moments We Captured For You As Hajjat Namyalo Addressed NRM Supporters At ONC Kyambogo

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