Uganda @61: President Museveni Re-Echoes Need For Regional Integration

Uganda @61: President Museveni Re-Echoes Need For Regional Integration

President Museveni has re-echoed the need for regional integration, noting that many Africans including him(Museveni) would be billionaires had African countries united like America which creates a bigger market.

“The US has succeeded because of integration. The USA is successful because they united the 13 colonies, and they kept on expanding. If I was in the US, I would be a billionaire now because I would sell all my beef throughout the whole of America which has rich people. I would sell my milk, bananas and fruits but now here, you take them to Kenya, they stop you, the follow day they open (the market) , then Burundi , Rwanda and that’s why we are here.”Museveni said while speaking during the 61st Independence Day celebrations at Kitgum Boma grounds.

This year’s independence celebrations were held under the theme; ‘Sustaining a united and progressive nation: Taking charge of our future as a free nation’ and president Museveni did not hesitate to point out lack of markets due to failure to integrate yet Uganda produces large quantities of maize, beef, milk, coffee and bananas among others that we cant consume neither can they be sold to the neighbouring countries.

Museveni further noted that with regional integration, it would be prosperity for the producers of these goods.

“The good thing in Africa is that people are still asleep, and when you are asleep, you don’t know what will kill you. But when you wake up, that is when you start worrying about danger. Since independence, we have been telling people that Mwalimu Nyerere used to say that we should integrate Africa, or else we won’t develop. However, because people were asleep, they didn’t see what he was talking about. Among important issues you( leaders) should concentrate on is regional integration. This is in order to support the wealth creators like farmers and manufacturers to sell what they produce. We need integration. The parasites who don’t produce anything but eat what others produce are the ones talking about tribes” he noted .

“South America is richer is richer than US in terms of natural resources but their market is fragmented and you cant succeed if you go there to do business. If we want to succeed, we should concentrate on East Africa and African integration.” he added.

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