Local Authorities To Abide By Parliament’s Resolution On Road Grant- Local Gov’t Minister

Local Authorities To Abide By Parliament's Resolution On Road Grant

The Minister for Local Government, Hon. Raphael Magyezi, has confirmed that Parliament’s guidelines on the utilisation of the Shs1 billion for road maintenance have been circulated to all local governments.

“We have also developed an action paper for each resolution, to guide the local governments on the respective concrete actions to take,” said Magyezi.

He said this in a statement to the House made during the plenary sitting on Tuesday, 05 September 2023.

Government allocated Shs1 billion for each district, 10 cities and 31 municipalities in a bid to improve the district, urban and community roads aimed at enhancing rural accessibility and working environments.

Magyezi told the House that each district and municipality has already received Shs250 million for the first quarter and will utilise it as per Parliament’s resolution.

The local governments had initially been guided to use the funds for road rehabilitation, however, Parliament directed that the funds be used for road maintenance.

“One would understand the hesitation of the local government authorities in expending the funds. This should not be interpreted to mean non-compliance with the resolution of Parliament, on the part of local governments,” reads the Minister’s statement.

“I have full confidence that they will use the funds and provide reports and accountability as required by law,” Magyezi added.

He also said that changing the grant from rehabilitation to maintenance will give local governments more kilometres of road to work on and improve the road network in the countryside and towns.

“I appeal to Members of Parliament who are members of district roads committees to play their part effectively by participating in all committee activities so as to realise the objectives of the grant,” said Magyezi.

Hon. Denis Lee Oguzu (FDC, Maracha County) urged the finance ministry to support local governments in uploading revised work plans for effective utilisation of the grant.

“This may require a multi-sectoral approach which the Minister for Local Government can coordinate,” he said.

The grant will be managed under the Uganda Road Fund Act, 2008 and work plans for each district, city and municipality will be approved by respective district roads committees.

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