Opinion: Why Museveni By Divine Architecture Is A Wise Leader Uganda Is Blessed To Have-Mathias Lutwama

Opinion: Why Museveni By Divine Architecture Is A Wise Leader Uganda Is Blessed To Have-Mathias Lutwama

By Mathias Lutwama

Ugandans by social prefecture are like the British People. They are passionate about monarchies. Museveni, being conscious of the cultural fabrics of Africans, restored Kingdoms Bunyoro, Japadhola, Buganda etc. This has functionally endeared Museveni to the majority of Ugandans, perceiving him truly as a leader worth heroic celebration.

From an angle of historical fecundity, Ugandans in the past perceived Kings African rifles, the Uganda army, the Uganda National Liberation Army etc as forces of immense exploitation and social dismemberment, to the detriment of civilisation. For the 37 years of NRM’s reign, so many first-class university graduates in medicine, engineering, law, economics etc are dying to join Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF). The logical algorithm of this is simple, Museveni is a revolutionary spent synergy in building a world-class force called UPDF, whose mandate is the legitimate execution of national and African sovereignty.

The wealth of nations is not just only harnessed through World Bank financing and IMF loans. In the context of African-ecomics, you must practically measure the labour productivity per capita. From a positive angle, Uganda has 10,046 parishes, and each parish so far has received 100 million shillings for enterprise creation. This is an exemplification of how Museveni the strategic thinker advances socio-economic empowerment, premising on the ten-point programme.

The family of commonwealth, as designed by Westminster geniuses, entails the disposition of political parties, as a sign of liberty, freedoms and the franchise of happiness. It’s well known by all and sundry, that the National Unity Platform, Forum for Democratic Change, Jeema etc receive a lot of money officially from the NRM government, which funds are used for field mobilization.

In the confluence that some opposition leaders allege that Museveni is a dictator, such opposition speculation is treated as social idiocy and bufoonism by the majority of Ugandans. Why? It’s only in Uganda where opposition leaders confound Museveni’s presidency during the day, then at night the same people will secretly visit NRM corridors, happily proclaiming, ” Museveni by strategic architecture, is a good and wise leader.”

The writer Mr Mathias Lutwama is an African Nationalist. He is also Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Rakai District. Sms 0786672301.

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