Don’t Be Tempted By Short Cuts-President Museveni Tips New Judges On Keeping Their Careers Clean

President Museveni has implored new judges to deliver justice and be transparent in order to keep their careers clean

“This is a very good opportunity for you, the future is in front of you, don’t be tempted by any shortcuts because I have been watching people from the 1960s who made mistakes when they got power. Don’t contaminate your future, you have the opportunity, don’t spoil it,” Museveni said.

Museveni made the comments on Thursday while presiding over the swearing in of 11 newly appointed judges of the High Court at State House in Entebbe further assuring the judiciary that their target to get enough manpower to ensure justice for all Ugandans will be achieved.

“The target is to get enough manpower in the Judiciary to cover the geography of the country so that somebody does not have to go and look for justice very far.” Museveni said

“What I have been explaining to everybody is that whatever the government does depends on the economy, and this is what I would like all citizens of Uganda to understand. The Judiciary must understand the political economy of the country so that we don’t keep arguing the way forward,” Museveni noted.

“What we have done in the last 30 and so years, was to bring back the small island by achieving minimum recovery, expanding it and number three is diversification, then number four is value addition and services sector. Now it is this transformation and growth of the economy that gives us revenue to employ more public servants, to pay more salaries and put up infrastructure,” he added.

Speaking during the event, Chief Justice, Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny – Dollo commended President Museveni for strengthening the Judiciary of Uganda by giving them more 11 well deserving manpower.

“This brings the number of High Court Judges to 81 which is slightly over 50 percent of our requirement. I congratulate you my Lords, you are most welcome to the Judiciary family,” Justice Owiny – Dollo said.

“Increasingly we are getting people appointed to the upper bench who are more academically qualified than when we joined the Judiciary.”

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