Opinion: World Bank, You Either Be A Bank Or An Activist Group

Opinion: World Bank, You Either Be A Bank An Activist Group

By Abaho Badru

World Bank has turned into a tool used by Rich shareholders’ countries for their self interests as witnessed recently World Bank unnecessarily banning donations and loans to Uganda after passing laws against immoral, Unhealthy and Un Godly Homosexuality and gay bill

Uganda and Africa in general has maintained it’s culture, norms and values. On top of it being the best continent in world, this has enviously pushed the west to initiate and support different moves to end and suffer the African race.

Such moves not limited to constant wars and family planning have failed to eliminate African race and they have resorted to forcing us into homosexuality using their financial capacities

World Bank being managed Ajay Banga-American, Axel Van Trostseburg-Austria, Anna Bjerde-Sweden, Ashula Kant-India, Shaolin Yang-Canada, Indermit Gill-India, Christopher Stephens-Sweden, Samuel Malimo, among others. They promote interests of their countries such as supporting homosexuality

And by influence of most shareholder countries in World Bank such as USA-16%, Japan-7.8%, Germany-4.49%, France & UK-4.30%, China, Canada, India, Italy & Russia-2.7% and Turkey-0.53% have pushed World Bank management to ban donations and loans to growing Uganda after Ugandans passing laws against homosexuality

Ugandan President HE Yoweri Museveni has firmly stood against homosexuality and encouraged counterpart Heads of African states to resist such immoral acts so as to maintain African culture and values regardless of numerous threats and economic bans

The World Bank suspended all new loans to Uganda, arguing that its law against homosexuality, passed in March, “fundamentally contradicts” the Bank’s values.

Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Act 2023 (pdf) has provisions for the arrest and imprisonment of LGBTQ people for up to 20 years, depending on the nature of their offense. Cases of so-called “aggravated homosexuality” may be punished by death.

The passage of the draconian law has already prompted the US to review its $1 billion in aid to Uganda. The World Bank, which had disbursed $5.4 billion in funding to Uganda by the end of 2022, had come under pressure to re-examine its relationship with Uganda as well.

In May, when a World Bank team released a new poverty assessment report in Kampala, it made no mention of the new law. But on Aug. 8, the Bank announced that it will start denying Uganda new financing.

“We believe our vision to eradicate poverty on a livable planet can only succeed if it includes everyone irrespective of race, gender, or sexuality,” the Bank’s statement said.

How Does World Bank Explain the inconsistency on homosexuality and of all the other countries that have passed Similar laws chose Uganda to be the victim

Uganda is one among 62 countries that have enacted laws criminalizing homosexuality in some form or another. More than half of these countries have at least a 10-year jail term penalty for engaging in homosexual acts. The prospective jail terms in Nigeria and Brunei run to 21 years and 30 years respectively.

At least six other countries Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Brunei, Mauritania, and Nigeria hold out the death penalty as one of the punishments for homosexuality. Further, Iran, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen threaten to flog people before executing them under their laws.

But the World Bank’s relationships with many of these other countries continues. The Bank describes Saudi Arabia, for instance, as a “key development partner,” even though the kingdom has executed several people for being homosexuals. In 2019, Brunei enacted a law to stone people to death for both adultery and gay sex. And yet, the following year, while appointing a new country director for Brunei, the World Bank said it was ready to support Brunei in its development challenges and in improving business regulations.

Opinion by Abaho Badru Office of the National Chairman-NRM

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