Bazzukulu To Throw Mega Party For President Museveni’s 79th Birthday

President Museveni's 79th Birthday

National Resistance Movement(NRM) supports especially the youths who prefer calling themselves “Bazzukulu Ba’Museveni ” are currently gearing up to throw a mega birthday party for their grandfather whom they also refer to as Jajja president Museveni who will be making 79 years next month.

The Bazzukulu who are organizing the mega party in conjunction with Office of the National Chairman (ONC) revealed that the mega party which is the first and one of its kind will be held on 8th September at Kololo Airstrip is not only meant to celebrate president Museveni’s healthy life and achievements but also give the Bazzukulu a chance to interact with him.

With President Museveni as the main celebrant, the Bazzukulu further noted that the mega celebrations with will run under the theme; “Developing the culture of entrepreneurship in youths, women and communities,” and will coincide with “Omalako Jajja, Tova KuMain 2026” grand launch, a campaign that has been launched in different parts of the country seeking President Museveni’s candidature for 2026 general elections and beyond.

Further sources from Bazzukulu confirmed that apart from lots of drinks and food, the celebration will also feature other activities including Busiki across the country, community work in different areas, Museveni’s birthday run, documentaries, Household economic empowerment among others with along list of high-profile government officials politicians, wealthy businessmen, musicians, ministers, comedians expected to attend the event.

About Museveni’s Birthday

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni settled for September 15th as his birthdate, after speculation and second-person accounts supported by what he calls a number of “historical and scientific” events that took place in 1944, the year when he says he was born.

In his second edition of the book Sowing the Mustard Seed published in 2016, Mr Museveni says three people including his mother, Esteeri Kokundeka helped him find out details of his date of birth. Museveni says his mother said he was born “like three months before the ekikatu (the mass cattle vaccination) of ishara-matu (when the cattle’s ears were being notched).”

According to Museveni, a veterinary guard who took part in the exercise, helped him get the year.
“Fortunately, one of the veterinary guards that took part in that vaccination, Serugyendo (a Mufumbira from Kisoro) was still alive. He was a godsend. When I invited him to Rwakitura [Museveni’s country home], he was unequivocal. The vaccination in Ntungamo took place between the 24 and 28 of November 1944.”

Since his mother had said it was like three months before mass vaccination, Museveni said he originally took August 19 44 as the date of birth. However, he says there came another old woman who kept saying that she knew when he (Museveni) was born. When invited to Rwakitura, the old lady, Tophus Bwankuuku told Museveni another account.

“She told me that she and her husband lived in the parish (omuruka) next to ours; that would be a distance of eight miles away. However, her sister-in-law (omuramukazi) was married in the village next to ours, Ruyonjwa (two miles away or less). She had undertaken okwangama (when a woman temporarily withdraws from her husband’s home on account of some disagreements and goes back to her father’s or brother’s household),” Museveni recounts in the book.

“When she arrived at their home in Rwenchweera, she told them that by the time she left, Kaguta’s wife had been taken to the hospital to deliver. Then after a few days, information came that Kaguta’s (Museveni’s father) wife had delivered and the month was September, not August,” the 78-year-old President further recollects.

Museveni therefore concluded that September 15 as his most probable date of birth.

He says he was reportedly born in Mbarara hospital but he says they had no records when he cross-checked. “What a shame for somebody who was born in a government hospital to fail to know his date of birth, all on the account of faulty record keeping and storage,” the president wonders in the book.

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