Opinion! Dear Africa: Where Is The Love Our Forefathers Passed To Us, Why Preach Evil & Praise Enmity?-ONC Boss Hadijah Namyalo

Opinion! Dear Africa: Where Is The Love Our Forefathers Passed To Us, Why Preach Evil & Praise Enmity?-ONC Boss Hadijah Namyalo

By Hajjat Namyalo Hadija – ONC Head

I was watching a show on Britain Got Talent and a one old man who came to present something very weird was booed by everyone but when he said that it’s his birthday everyone changed the mood infact even Simeon Coman who had already given him a no went and helped him to win.

While watching this, tears rolled my eyes and I had to reflect a lot about my motherland Africa.

I have seen very many people celebrating the death of there fellow country men and women just because they disagree politically. I can reflect on the deaths of our fallen heroes like the late; Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Kasirye Gwanga and Gen Elly Tumwine who even lost an eye fighting for the peace we have.

We have adopted satanic behavior of only celebrating evil and negativity. We always forget the 95% good deeds of some one and only focus on 5% of negativity.

We no longer care about anyone, the number of children on streets are increasing day and night, betrayal, intrigue and blackmailing has become part of our lives. If someone has a problem no one comes in to help. I saw a story of a camera man who took a pick of a vulture standing next to a child in South Sudan who was dying of starvation and the interest was to take a photo but not save a life, I have seen clips on social media where people shoot videos of men and women beating each other. But where is this taking our country, why have we forgotten what mother Africa teaches us? Ubuntuism is our pride let’s learn to know that “you are because I am” and the vice-versa. Let’s love one another, let’s always care about what is good for the other, let’s always learn to sacrifice for the other and when in service or place of leadership. Just know that you have to serve and also help those in need.

We tend to forget that today you are in that office tomorrow you will be out of it, today you are a star, tomorrow you will fade off, today you are painting someone black tomorrow you might follow suit. At times fate and destiny takes lead. You might not be affected individually but your children might be affected.

Let’s embrace one another and love one another, if you see something bad just sit someone and advise other than criticizing, we are bond to win and develop our motherland.

To those who goes out of Uganda and speaks evil about Uganda and Africa just know that you will never be a white, you are Africans and no matter how hard things are, we are still black and home is home, let’s love home and always think home.

When I saw one of the political leaders standing firm in Netherlands and saying that Uganda needs re-colonisation to be better my heart bleeded and I wondered what is wrong with mother nature.

Fellow country men, we are rich in culture, values and also in nature, we are the paradise people dream of, let’s appreciate our god father’s for there sacrifice, let’s celebrate our own living legends and warriors who have sacrificed their everything to make Africa a great continent.

Africa is our home, Uganda the pearl of Africa is my country. For God and my country!

The author Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo aka Chief Muzukulu, is the Senior Presidential Advisor Political Affairs in Uganda and National Coordinator Office of the National Chairman.

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