MUTEGUYA DENIS: Encroachment on School Land Undermines Future Expansion

The government needs to act very swiftly if it’s to arrest the unjustified encroachment on school lands by business moguls/ locals. Land disputes are detrimental to schools’ future expansion, Uganda’s population is growing day by day meaning there’s going to come a time when schools need to expand to be able to accommodate the increasing numbers.

Many school heads are struggling to see to it that they acquire land titles to secure school land however they want the government’s intervention by considering it as a priority.

Schools like P.M.M Girls, and Spire Road Primary school in Jinja City are grappling with encroachment issues which can be solved by the government through its Ministry of Lands.

It’s worth noting that there are many other schools in the Busoga region with such challenges.

Business moguls are taking advantage of the lack of a clear policy on school land, they are erecting shops/lockups on school land. Take an example of some Schools where Projects are put on the Schools’ Land but when even the head teacher lacks ideas on how the school can benefit from such arrangements.

The author is an ONC Bazzukulu Coordinator, Busoga Sub-Region

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