ABAHO BADRU: The Current leadership of ONC under Hajjat Hadija Namyalo Uzeiye has rebranded the Politics of Uganda

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In Previous years, different Politicians have always been reaching out to their electorates during the electioneering period leaving them helpless and societal challenges unsolved after voting.

Hajjat Hadija Namyalo has challenged leaders with a little budget at ONC, made an impact in societies through the Sustainable Wealth Creation campaign which has touched on the lives of people and now progressively earning a living

The well-structured ONC management with Hajjat Hadija Namyalo as a top manager and supervisor has awakened reluctant civil servants who have been reluctant on their jobs like teachers, nurses, local government administrators, etc.

On monitoring government programs, facilities and projects, ONC has checked them and immediate necessary actions have been taken.

The current management at ONC has mobilized the “Bazzukulu” who had been politically scattered by the National Unity Platform wave and MK Project. These have been re-oriented with National Resistance Movement ideology.

“Bring back all my Bazzukulu, whether with Kyagulanyi or Muhoozi” -NRM Chairman H.E. Museveni instructing his PA Hajjat Hadija Namyalo. These have been brought back and are now involved in developmental government programs like PDM and Emyooga.

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2 thoughts on “ABAHO BADRU: The Current leadership of ONC under Hajjat Hadija Namyalo Uzeiye has rebranded the Politics of Uganda

  1. Ngabirano Joseph Kasenene Senior NRM mobiliser and who has been in touch with institutions on mobilisation says:

    Abusulutely indeed Madam Hajjat Namyalo is doing job for NRM and mzee. Personally I recommend her to be added the money which is given to secretariat.
    But institutions is still dominated by opposition.

  2. You people it’s not a matter of coming out here on social media and start telling people how you have have rebranded but actions very much important. In fact it’s a shame if you come out and praise yourself with the Myooga and PDM I even wonder yet the beneficiaries for the two programs are the well off people not the poor. I wonder where you are driving us to.

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