Masindi: 15yr Old Pupil Raped On Her Way To School, Police Arrests the Suspect-ONC Coordinator

Today 17/7/2023 was a bad day for a 15-year-old Hawa (not her true name) who was raped during her 6km trek to Masindi Islamic Primary School where she is taking her Primary Seven studies.

According to Mr. Tunura Brian the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) Coordinator for the Bunyoro Sub-region, Hawa was raped between 5:30 – 6:00 am.

”Hawa has always walked with his brother to school but unfortunately, today she trekked alone. The evil man who is suspected to have followed her from her home village Kyamugwei in Masindi Municipality attacked her on the way and defiled her,” says Mr. Tunura.

He says that during his school monitoring exercises, he learned about this case and was informed that the loudly crying Hawa was found licking blood all over her sexual parts and bruises on her body.

Mr Tunura says that, on learning that the girl could recall the face of the rapist, he contacted her parents and with the support of Uganda Police they tracked and arrested the suspect.

Hawa was rushed to Misindi Army Hospital where she is currently getting medical attention as Police finalize the investigation to parade the suspect before the court of law.

“I went back in the evening and the criminal was still in custody and I will follow up on this case until this satanic agent is put where he belongs to be and that’s in a prison,” vowed Tunura.

He however advised school heads to avoid those early morning lessons to enable pupils schooling from home to walk to their schools safely. He also advised the parents to accompany their children to their respective schools to avoid risking them to evil people.

Reported by: ONC Online-Media.

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