“Teachers at Crossroads due to feeding in UPE Schools”- Says Busoga ONC Coordinators

Ever since the government took over the burden of paying fees for children in UPE, parents relaxed and assumed all they have to do is to live by the scripture writings in the Bible where God commands man in Genesis 1:28 to multiply and replenish the earth.

Teachers are facing a hard time teaching children on an empty stomach, and parents wrongly perceived government directives of children not being required to pay any dues at school.
Some parents think government provides everything including food and scholastic materials like exercise books and uniforms.

Some schools in the Busoga region had come up with an arrangement with parents where they bring 3-5kg of maize grains and 3k-10k per child to Carter for milling expenses, firewood, and the cook.

This arrangement has however not been embraced by all parents, many parents still claim can’t afford it.

It’s upon that background that some head teachers like Mr. Lukuba Hakim of Ibanda Primary School in Iganga district are calling on the government to provide facilitation for meals at school otherwise they are facing difficulties in teaching hungry children and also keeping them at school during learning hours.

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