The Political Profile and Achievements of Hon. Barrister Peter Magomu Mashate

1. In 1980 at the formation of the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) Mashate (together with   Late Umukuuka Bob Mushikori)  was a member and youth activist of the  UPM. He campaigned for UPM Presidential Candidate Museveni and the late Mzee Jack Maumbe Mukwana as UPM MP Bungokho Constituency.

2. In  2006  Mashate was on your  Legal team  (together with the current  Chief Justice  Hon Justice  Owiny  Dollo) that defended  His Excellency in 2006 in the Kiiza Besigye election Petition against his victory.

3. In 2007, and on His Excellency’s instructions; he represented and WON in London UK a Case brought against him and the government of Uganda.

4. In 2004 the Diaspora witnessed opposition propaganda by the Reform Agenda & later FDC. Mashate organized Ugandans in the Diaspora UK and formed the first UK & Ireland NRM Chapter which has to date, spread across the world with various NRM Chapters with Mashate as its General Secretary-Diaspora League Chaired by now Senior Presidential Advisor Diaspora Affairs Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi.

5. In 2009, Mashate was appointed by His Excellency to the  Adhoc Issues Committee that was chaired by Rt. Hon. Margaret Zziwa (former   Speaker  EALA) which after taking views nationwide & Diaspora duly presented a report to His Excellency at his home in Rwakitura.

6. In 2018 during the Commonwealth Heads Conference in London, Dr. Paul Williams British MP attacked his Excellency the  President in the  British  Parliament,  Mashate in an act of patriotism promptly countered this uncalled-for attack and defended the  President by promptly writing a   firm letter to him setting out   Uganda’s misunderstood turbulent history and why for that reason the  NRM having liberated Uganda at a very high human cost, Ugandans would continue electing   President Museveni until   Uganda’s future is secured.  This counter information was widely disseminated and commented on in the social and international media hence giving a balanced rebuttal to Dr. William’s apparent sour grapes.

7. In   2016 Mashate was elected as the   NRM Flag bearer in Bungokho North constituency and went on in the general election to poll 12,642 votes against FDC’s 13,021 losing by a hotly disputed and controversial margin of 379 votes.

8. Since 1994, he has consistently donated and contributed to the building of church   and mosques throughout the Bugisu subregion including buying and donating land for the construction of the Health Center in Wanale Sub-county Mbale district including engaging in Youth tournaments and activities. These cross-communities and multi-faith interventions have earned Mashate the he trust and respect of the Bugisu people.

9. From 2011 to 2015 he served as the 1st Attorney General in the Cabinet of Umukuuka Wilson W Wamimbi in Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution.

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