“Use our coordinators to reach your voices to the ONC Office”-Says ONC Admin. Dr. Mariam Nakimuli

The Admin. of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) NRM-Kyambogo Dr. Mariam Nakimuli and other officials joined the traders and vendors of Busega Market to celebrate their first year of operation ever since the government handed over this market to them after construction.

Busega Market was constructed under the Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Programme (MATIP) with support from the Arab Bank of Economic Development in Africa (BADEA). It was completed and launched in 2022 and it accommodates over 2,000 vendors.

The Chairman Mr. Mugerwa Abdu Malik introduced to the Chief Guest Admin. Dr. Mariam Nakimuli the 12 union groups that operate under the management of Busega Kyegegwa Association.

He also introduced a special group called CASH PLOT where 100 members contribute Ugx 25,000 each member and buy one member a plot of land after a specified time.

He thanked H.E Yoweri K Museveni for the current stability which has enabled them to work and sustain themselves in peace. That they don’t believe in empty promises but in hard work and Unity.

The Kyegegwa group registered surprise over the overwhelming love displayed when the NRM representative entered and said he thought the propaganda that NRM was no longer loved is true.

They asked Hajjat Haddijah Namyalo Uzeiye should also think about Kyegegwa with her socioeconomic transformation programs. The Chairman of the association said that the Busega people aren’t easily swept by the political winds of change, but they also deserve to be remembered like other places.

Mr. Nyanzi John Bosco NRM chairperson for Busega township told the market vendors that President Museveni loves his citizens so much but unless they get organized and form groups there’s no way his assistance can reach them.

The RCC Rubaga Division, Mr. Bulora Anderson introduced the Rubaga Deputy Mayor and asked her to say something to the people regardless of her political difference being a NUP Supporter.

He also promised to ensure that a road that connects Busega market to the bypass and expressway will be constructed.

The deputy Mayor of the Rubaga Division requested Hajjat Haddijah Namyalo to extend a financial helping hand mostly to the registered groups in the market.

The chief guest Dr. Mariam Nakimuli, Admin of the office of the National Chairman asked the Kyegegwa Busega association members to use the ONC Coordinators Mr. Kizito Moses of Kampala and Ms. Nabasa Babra of Kyegegwa region for their voices to reach ONC.

She asked them to report to these Coordinators if the Government programs are reaching the true beneficiaries.

She thanked all the Bazukulu and begged them to continue with the Unity and development and asked them to make sure Mzee stays on the main ballot come 2026 and beyond.

Reported by: ONC_Media_Team

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