Okello won’t disappoint you – Museveni rallies people of Oyam North

The NRM’s National Chairman and President Yoweri Museveni has asked the people of Oyam North to vote for the ruling party’s flagbearer, Samuel Okello Engola in Thursday’s By-election, saying he is the right replacement for his father and former area Member of Parliament, Col. Charles Okello Engola Macodwoga.

The President said that Samuel Okello (Engola’s son) may have learned to serve people well and thus would not disappoint the voters if he is sent to parliament, having seen the good deeds of his father.

“This boy Samuel who was near Engola may be like him. For now, it is illogical to leave this one who was near and vote for someone else. For me, I have no hesitation in recommending Samuel Engola to you and I would like to give him the (NRM) flag,” President Museveni said as he drummed support for Samuel Okello at Tegony primary school in Iceme Sub County and Otwal primary school in Otwal sub-county. 

The NRM Chairman stated that “there is a high chance that he (Okello) may be like his father. But if he disappoints us, it will be his problem, not our problem. For us, we have supported him and that is not the end of the world. We shall get other people in the future.”

He reiterated that if Okello does not perform well as expected, he will be the one to blame but “you as voters you will get marks because you voted for the one who was near the late Macodwongo”.

Mr. Museveni expressed pity to the voters for having lost Charles Engola in such a bad way of murder yet he had worked so well for the country and his people hence the nickname ‘Macodwogo’.

He praised the late Minister for having fought to restore peace which people have since enjoyed to create wealth and development. 

“Macodwogo embraced the politics of using science, not guesswork. He was in politics for the greater good of society, not for positions or money which the NRM party keeps telling you about,” Museveni said.

The Secretary General of the NRM, Rt. Hon. Richard thanked the party cadres who stood down during the primary elections after consensus.

“Out of the 10 aspirants who had expressed interest to hold our flag, we engaged them and they withdrew and accepted to rally behind Okello Engola,” Todwong told the President.

He also welcomed over 1000 opposition supporters from the UPC party who have crossed into the NRM party. 

“As we campaigned, our friends in the UPC offered to join the NRM party. Others are leaders who are barred from crossing now but we shall sign a cooperation agreement with them,” Todwong stated.

The NRM flagbearer, Samuel Okello Engola promised to follow up on the unfinished projects of the former area legislator as addressed supporters at the two rallies.

The campaigns today were also attended by the Chief Government Whip, Hon. Denis Hamson Obua, Members of the NRM Central Executive Committee, Directors of the NRM Secretariat, and Members of Parliament from the Lango sub-region among others. 

Before campaigns, the President went to the home of the late Macondwogo and condoled with the family. He laid a wreath on the grave of Col. Engola to pay his last respect. 

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