“Consider Self-employment after school”; ONC Admin. Dr. Mariam urges Kampala Capital City Students at Nabisunsa Girls S.S

The ONC Admin Dr. Mariam Nakimuli has urged students leaders attending the Kampala Capital City students’ leadership summit organized by Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) at Nabisunsa Girls S.S. to make use of the Office of the National Chairman NRM because it was set up to address their issues among others.

The Kampala Capital City Students’ Summit was organized under the theme; “ROLE OF RESPONSIBLE STUDENTS’ LEADERSHIP IN CREATING DIVERSITY, UNITY, AND INCLUSION.”

ONC Admin. Dr. Mariam Nakimuli during the Students’ Summit at Nabisunsa Girls S.S

Dr. Nakimuli who was representing ONC head SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo Uzeiye in this Students leadership summit also told the students that the Office of the National Chairman is currently undertaking wealth creation campaign which aims income-generating activity with the distribution of hybrid goats, chicks, sewing machines, hair-cutting machines, and hair dryers to Ugandans most especially the Bazzukulu.

She rallied the students’ body to consider self-employment when after school because official white-collar jobs are very few in the country.

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