Bugisu cultural leader Wagabyalire John Amram endorses President Museveni to stand again 2026 (Jajja Tova Kumain)

The Bugisu paramount chief H.H John Amram Wagabyalire joined the many participants in the endorsement of JAJJA TOVA KU MAIN in support of the campaign initiated by the Bazukulu who believes in the goodness of President Museveni led by National Bazzukulu Coordinator who also doubles as the head of Office of the National Chairman NRM-Kyambogo SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijja Namyalo Uzeiye.

He further said that for the good existence of cultural institutions, there should be a good relationship between them and the government. He said that he supports President Museveni and is willing to meet him through Hajjat Hadijah Uzieye Namyalo aka Chief Muzukulu and inform President Museveni that Bugisu cultural leadership supports him.

He pledged to fully support the Office of the National Chairman’s activities and the Government’s pro-people initiatives. ” I have heard many allegations that I don’t support President Museveni and his NRM Government instead I support FDC, but I want to clear this rumor today and am ready to mobilize for President Museveni in case the party assigns me.” He said

He called upon all Ugandans to fully support the able leadership of President Museveni who believes in social-economic transformation. This has left those who see him as an opposition-lining person ashamed of his act and message given to the people to the people of Mbale.

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