Oyam North By-Election: NRM Flagbearer Samuel Okello Engola is headed for a big win – SG Todwong

The campaign trail of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party flag bearer, Samuel Okello Engola was today Saturday boosted by the arrival of party Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong.

The NRM candidate together with his entourage combed several parishes of Acaba Sub County in search of support in the forthcoming polls to replace the late Col. Charles Engola Macodwongo.

Rt.Hon. Todwong while campaigning said that Okello was headed for a landslide win following some significant inroads that the ruling party has made into the strongholds of the opposition (UPC).

“The NRM’s strategic and deliberate strategies of improving the lives of the ordinary people and providing peace and security have given locals a reason to support the NRM affiliated leaders. I believe therefore that such considerations will be made in determining who to vote in this by-election,” SG Todwong said. 

Unlike in other elections where some independent candidates but NRM leaning contested hence confusing some of their supporters, Todwong said that in the Oyam North race, the ruling party is united behind one harmonized candidate, Samuel Okello Engola.  

“I want to thank those who wanted to contest with Junior (Okello Engola) but later reconsidered their decisions and stood down after listening to the party voice. We are confident because our house is harmonized,” Secretary General Todwong revealed. 

Todwong justified the reason that Oyam voters should support Okello, saying that it was the NRM party that curved Oyam district out of Apac with proper plans for developing it.

“The road network has been opened and improved with first class marram, power has been extended further into villages and the government is also planning to give them a General Hospital,” Todwong told supporters.

The NRM flagbearer, Samuel Okello Engola welcomed some youth who crossed into his camp from the opposition, saying that for many decades, the ruling party has defined itself as a progressive movement whose aim is to transform the social lives of its citizens, unlike the competitors who only aim at seizing power. 

“The NRM party is a solution to all the challenges that our people face. With patience. With patience and sorting priorities, the concerns of the locals like unemployment among the youth and poverty will be diagnosed,” Okello said as he assured voters.

The Director of Mobilisation for the NRM party, Rosemary Seninde castigated Okello’s opponents saying that they are of no help to the people they seek to represent in the August House.

“It is the NRM government under the leadership of President Museveni that has plans of enabling people to create wealth and generate incomes. People have realized that chanting the opposition will not take them anywhere,” Hon. Seninde said.

She also wondered how the opposition will assist their people to progress yet the same group is ever resisting well-intentioned empowerment initiatives of the government like PDM.

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