Multitudes convene at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja City as ONC Boss Hajjat Namyalo takes the lead to launch and endorse Jajja Tova Ku Main in Jinja City

Thousands of Ugandans in Jinja City and Jinja district convened at Kakindu Stadium to join the Office of the National Chairman Manager SPA- Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye to declare their loyalty to President Museveni’s candidature in 2026.

Tova Ku Main is a project running under the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) which started in the last quarter of the year 2022. It’s objected to marketing the brand of HE Kaguta Museveni as a desirable choice of the young people aka Bazzukulu and promoting his methodologies for social economic transformation – for a scaled-down unemployment and increase in the household income.

Preceded with numerous sports activities; cycling and corporate football at Kakindu Stadium – the endorsement and launch were cheered up by popular local musician Gravity Omutujju who drew extreme excitement from the crowds with his “okwepicha” hit song trending in Uganda.

Hon. Igeme Nathan Nabeete, Hon. Katali Loy the Woman MP Jinja District, RCCs/RDCs and other area leaders joined the people of Jinja City to welcome SPA/PA the Manager at ONC Hadijah Uzeiye to declare Jajja Tova Ku Main gospel.

Manager Hadijjah informed the people that, H.E. Museveni has sent them greetings and he’s following up on the happenings ongoing. She thanked them for turning up in such crowds and for the confidence in the person of H.E. Museveni to continue steering Uganda to greater heights.

“Much as there are programs of PDM and Emyooga, several people are left out and this program comes in to bridge that gap.” – said Hadijah Namyalo after some peasants narrated their disgruntlement in the government programs of Emyooga and PDM for inclusion.

She rallied them not to tire of trying all avenues to generate income and restored hope in them that, farming with “Ekibaalo” is President Museveni’s proven approach to making Ugandans rich. Hajjat Hadijah affirmed to the multitudes in Jinja City to shun opportunistic politicians and actively listen to Jajja – President Museveni’s guidance about solving the current challenge of merge or zero household income facing Busoga.

Like elsewhere the endorsements have been actualized, she supported the selected beneficiaries with sewing machines, hair dryers, hair cut machines, and other salon accessories to start up income-generating ventures as they wait for her return to empower them with poultry full cycle and hybrid goats farming projects.

The activity ended with an endorsement of President Museveni to contest for 2026 and different leaders appended their signatures as a mark of affirmation.

Reported by; ONC Media.

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