Government schools in Uganda are performing badly not because Government does not provide the required services but because of too much greed and corruption from the responsible state holders.

Looking at the state of the education system, almost all education leaders have private schools which are performing very well. Their schools are the best and they are first class and for them to stay in business they have to out-compete the government schools in performance. These schools are for only the middle class and a common person can’t take their children to any of those schools.

All the children of the government officials in the Ministry of Education study in private schools owned by themselves, and now which miracle do you expect from them to keep government schools in the business?

The policies in government schools do not favor our young ones in this world which has adopted the science and technology revolution where a lot of concentration and effort are needed. Even headteachers and teachers of government schools struggle to take their children to private schools. The president has provided everything to enable free education for all but the mafias in the service fail it because they are in business.

To parents too, take time to learn what your children want, it’s only in Uganda where one becomes a doctor but ventures into carpentry, and when asked he or she tells you that my father wanted me to be a doctor but I had a different dream. Let’s learn our young ones, and allow them to venture into what they want, if your child has a talent support him or try it because of what he or she wants. You might be seeing a doctor in your son yet he is the next Ronaldo, you might be forcing your child to be a lawyer yet he is Jose Chameleon of tomorrow, you might be forcing your child to be a chief justice yet she is the future Hajjat Hadijah let’s give chance to our children to explore what they feel like they can do better.

Life does not only blossom in degrees and PHDs but In talents and skills, most people in China are not degree holders but their skills and talents have made them Godfathers to degree holders.

To our government revise the policy, let the standards of private schools be favorable to government schools. I visited a school in the Bulambuli district at around 3 pm and I saw the effect of a hungry child. Let the government provide lunch to our young ones or allow parents to pay for something small. Let civil servants educate their children in government schools, it’s absurd for a minister of education to have the best private schools in the country and you expect them to work towards developing the government schools.

And let’s embrace skilling, In The current labor market skilling is what we all need and someone with the skills never sleeps hungry. As the matter of the fact,t our education system should be checked. The government is spending a lot to support the education system little does it know that there is a lot of forgery in the system.

Government officials have exaggerated numbers to cheat the government in terms of grants. You find out a school with 300 students or pupils registering 900 and when the statistics committee comes from the Ministry of Education just collects information and envelopes from their blockers. The staffing mode is also fake, a school without kickbacks is given less staff some schools have never seen the inspectors of Schools because they can’t afford their packages. A lot is in a mess and our good and able patriotic leaders should intervene.

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