The Office of the National NRM Office is the personal office of President Museveni who is the NRM party chairperson. Previously this office only came into visibility during elections but now it’s the leading entity in Uganda via mobilization.

This office is headed by Hajat Hadijah Uzieye Namyalo aka Chief Muzukulu and it has administrative structures all over the country, it has sub-regional coordinators who are fully in charge of its activities. When H.E. President Museveni realized that his supporters were put in a dilemma and divided into pressure groups because of Negligence from the responsible entities. He appointed his trusted weapon to immediately bring back all his Bazukulu in order.

He also assigned her to find out what could be the challenge because as a government they try so much to serve the country but still no results so ONC was given the task of monitoring and evaluating the government programs. For a short period, a lot has been done in this office, and people have started seeing hope and the love H.E. President Museveni has for them.

Through this office value addition programs have been extended to the people, and the few mobilizes who felt that were left behind are being owned by it, its recruitment is on merit not selective on technical know-how.

Nrm mobilizers and supporters seek custody from ONC because Chief Muzukulu treats them just like a mother. The office is welcoming and you visit as a stranger and you leave as a family.

It has become President Museveni’s legacy guard, indeed for what President Museveni has done Ugandans still need him and should help him to continue protecting the state but he was almost tired due to a lot of intrigue, infights, corruption, and most annoying betrayal from the most trusted ones.

Those close to the president had owned him and only reported to him what they wanted him to hear not what was real and even reaching him is a tug of war. But through this office, you can now raise your views and be listened to and that is how ONC has become the most trending entity.
With there campaigns of OMALAKO JAJJA, TOVA KU MAIN, and SIGALA KU BALLOT In 2026 AND BEYOND we now see light and almost the whole country is demanding for the president to accept and appear again on the Ballot paper in 2026. Thanks to Hajjat Hadijah for her unique mobilization strategies.

Buyela Christopher

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