Oyam North By-Election: Electoral Commission nominates NRM flag bearer Samuel Okello Engola

The NRM flag bearer, Samuel Okello Engola, has been duly nominated today, Monday, by the Electoral Commission to participate in the Oyam North County by-election scheduled for the 6th of July. 

This nomination followed the fulfillment of the electoral body’s requirements, as stated by Mr. Richard Onoba, the Returning Officer for Oyam district. The two-day nomination exercise will conclude tomorrow, Tuesday, the 19th. Okello was accompanied by NRM senior officials, including Hon. Rosemary Seninde, the Director for Mobilisation, and Hon. Emmanuel Dombo, the Director of Communication and Public Relations, among other leaders.

The campaign period will span 13 days, commencing on Thursday, the 22nd of this month, and concluding on the 4th of July. After receiving clearance to participate in the elections, Samuel Okello Engola, son of the late Minister of State for Labour, Col. (Rtd) Charles Engola, expressed his determination to win the Oyam North parliamentary seat. 

Speaking at the Oyam Town Council Hall after his nomination, Okello stated, “I am grateful to everyone who has stood by me during the grieving moments since we lost Hon. Charles Engola until this moment of my nomination. I am confident that I will secure this parliamentary seat and continue his legacy.”

He further added, “The key priorities, if we emerge victorious, align with the NRM manifesto, and we will strive diligently to fulfill them. The late Col. Engola focused on improving health and education, as well as extending access to safe piped water in villages. We aim to fulfill his vision.”

Hon. Rosemary Seninde, the Director of Mobilisation at the NRM Secretariat, congratulated Okello on being cleared to run for the by-election. She urged all parties involved to conduct peaceful campaigns, stating, “We hope to conduct smooth campaigns over the next 13 days. Therefore, I call upon all NRM supporters to seek support for the party’s candidate.”

“In God’s name, we remain hopeful of winning this by-election, just as we have been successful in recent polls,” emphasized the NRM chief mobilizer.

Drawing an analogy to a football match, Hon. Emmanuel Dombo, the Director of Communication, highlighted that the NRM team lost a player and, therefore, should be replaced by another player from the same team. He stated, “A Manchester United player is replaced by another Manchester United player. Similarly, in this political ‘football match,’ an NRM member has been substituted with another NRM member to fulfill the president’s manifesto.”

Hon. Sam Engola, the former NRM CEC member and brother of the late Charles Okello Engola, was also present at the event.

Reported by: ONC_Media_Team

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