The Successful discourse focused on Understanding the Executive Summary of Islam and Ummah in Uganda, UMSC Strategic plan 2023 – 2032, Conflict resolution and Management, Opportunities and Challenges in Cash crop growing and government intervention through NAADS and Scrutinizing UMSC Constitution.

The 2 Days Work shop started On 16th June 2023 (Friday) at 5pm and ended On 17th June 2023 (Saturday) at Old Kampala with Members of General Assembly, Majilis al Ulama and Executive Committee from Kampala, East Buganda and West Buganda Muslim regions, This after the Completion of the first session with Members from Westnile, Northern, North Eastern, Busoga and Eastern Muslim region at Tasha Hotel, Lira City.

The Orientation was Officiated by His Eminence the Mufti Of Uganda Sheikh. Dr. Ramadhan Mubaje were he emphasized Muslim leaders to be United and Protect all the Muslim endowment across the Country.

The Session begun with the module of the Executive Summary of Islam in Uganda presented by Hon. Sulaiman Madaada, followed by the UMSC Strategic Plan 2023 – 2032 Presented by Prof. Dr. Lubega Muhamadi (The National Chairman UMSC), Conflict resolution and Management by Dr. Isa Kawalya, Opportunities and Challenges in Hass Avocado, cashew nuts and macdamia value chain development: a case of government intervention through NAADS by Ms. Kazigati Grace (Hajjat Fatuma), Opportunities in the coffee value chain by Mr. Edward Lutaakome Sentamu, Scrutinizing UMSC Constitution and Financial income and Expenditure of UMSC by Hon. Muhammad Ali Aluma (Ag. Secretary General UMSC).

The National Chairman Of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Prof. Dr. Lubega Muhamadi in his presentation emphasized leaders to stick on the 7 pillars of the UMSC Strategic Plan 2023 – 2032 which stands on The Socio-economic well-being of the Muslims, Financial health of the UMSC, Education services, Health, sanitation and water services, Capacity Dev’t of Muslim clerics, Da’awah and institutional Dev’t and strengthening, He also encouraged Members to have brotherly engagement and to desist from abnormal fights which are fueled by self seekers.

The Ag. Secretary General Hon. Muhammad Ali Aluma also scrutinized the income and Expenditure of UMSC and Hon. Members responsibilities and roles in the budgeting process, He also Informed Members on the Memorandum of Cooperation Signed between the Government of Saudi Arabia and Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and it’s benefit to the UMMAH, He went ahead and Informed Members on the take of the already registered Majilis Sacco a UMSC based Sacco which aimed at improving the financial status quo of Muslims in Uganda.

Hon. Members also had a chance to engage with officials from NAADS and Uganda Coffee Development Authority On Opportunities in Islamic improvement in the Agriculture Sector.

The Workshop was also attended by different Secretaries from UMSC departments, the National Chairman of UMSC Women Council and the National Chairman UMSC Youth Council.

After the Marking of the End of the 2 Days induction at Old Kampala, the last Session will take place on 1st July 2023 with Members of Ankole – kigezi and Bunyoro – Tooro at UMSC headquarters, Old Kampala.

The Workshop was Closed by the National Chairman of UMSC, Prof. Dr. Lubega Muhamadi with a pictorial moment and brotherly engagement between Hon. Members of the General Assembly, Executive Members, Majilis al Ulama, department secretaries, and Directors of UMSC.

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