Opinion: Museveni has been spying on self-seekers around his son Gen. Muhoozi for a long time

The 31st of May, 2023 made a twist in Uganda’s political spectrum after President Museveni disclosed to members of parliament about self-seekers or call them opportunists around his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

On the eve of the Kyankwanzi NRM caucus retreat, insiders in parliament revealed that the majority of the MPs in NRM are challenged on choosing between the MK Movement or staying with the NRM. After the next two years, Uganda will be facing a general election in 2026 and MPs need to take a quick assured decision to safeguard their vacancies in parliament.

This implies them choosing wisely on the ticket to run on to be able to win the election. The MK movement had strengthened in the 11th Parliament with the assurance that President Museveni is not running in the 2026 elections and is to bless his first son who is a senior army officer to succeed him.

Key architects in the MK Movement like Hon. David Kabanda who is the Kasambya MP, Deputy National spokesperson of the MK Movement, and a blue-eyed boy to the Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda, have been strongly assuring the public on various media stations that Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba must run for Presidency in 2026. “It is now or never” – a repeated assurance of the deputy national spokesperson regarding the MK movement position in 2026.

The 48th birthday of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba that made a historical visit of HE Paul Kagame after a long time without stepping into Uganda, was a strong signal for the transition in 2026. President Museveni on that event in parts of his speech said, “Gen. Muhoozi will deal with the corrupt.”  Such statements fueled the engineers of the MK Movement to embark on a national wide solicitation for support and recruitment of especially the youth and women.

This created a sharp division in NRM with CEC members coming open to wrestle up with the energetic youth in the MK Movement. Historicals like Gen. Otafiire got to the ring with the MK movement a fight that was cooled off at Kapeeka after a reconciliation meeting chaired by Gen. Saleh on instructions of the President.

What seems to have shocked the President is a classified intelligence report that red-flagged about the activities of the MK Movement. Recently a senior UPDF officer Katungi M was in Luwero the Mecca of NRM and launched structures at the district level with intentions to embark on village-to-district network formulation.

About a month or two ago, pictures of the meeting between President Museveni and the MK movement went viral after a sharing on the State House Twitter space however without disclosure of what transpired in the meeting.

The look of events inform that the President was guiding the group about how to forward with lining to the social economic transformation which is a key objective of the President to achieve middle-income status by 2025. ” I talked to Muhoozi with Maama” stated President in parts of his speech. “There are self-seekers…. ” revealed President Museveni to the MPs.

What you need to know is that President Museveni has been active in all the key transitions in Uganda from the UNLF times that ousted Amin out of Power, bringing Dr. Yusuf Kironde Lule for a few months, succeeding him with QC Binaisa for a few days and bringing back the Obote II regime. He was the deputy to the late Paulo Muwanga in the Military Commission and a lot of tactics he knows about how transformations take shape and how sensitive figures can be used as means by self-seekers to achieve their goal of attaining power.

The President seemed to have permitted the MK movement to help him bring back the Youth who had abandoned the NRM due to its weaknesses and opted for the National Unity Platform which seemed to avail a Youthful space.

From a close observation of events, the National Unity Platform had scaled down its greed to intense hate against President Museveni after the MK movement took shape and appointed some individuals. This portrays a shared common interest that both the MK Movement and NUP hold in exiting President Museveni from the State House.

You should not forget that President Museveni is now assured about his support of the youth via his Kyambogo-based NRM office as the National Chairman of the NRM party. From the close look at events, the rejuvenated relationship between Mengo and Entebbe is strengthening daily with shocking repeated visits of State House Comptroller Ms. Jane Barekye and Manager ONC Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye who are taking key parts in all the kingdom activities.

The Katikkiro despite personally welcoming these officials on repeatedly times on their frequent visits to Mengo-Bulange, was a Chief Guest at the launch of the Masaka Presidential Industrial Hub for skilling youth in Greater Masaka.

These steps have kicked the opposition out of Mengo which had turned into their daily or weekly center for their political stunts. I have seen the economic empowerment projects at the household where full-cycle projects are given to identified individuals to be economic contributors to the market.

This is a sustainable solution to the poverty challenge which is believed to have been the cause of the hate against President Museveni and his NRM party. A few days ago, President Museveni through the Comptroller gave 50 brand new motorcycles to the people of Bombo just after Hajjat Namyalo gave hybrid goats and poultry birds in the same area.

All those steps are barking up President Museveni’s decision after the classified intelligence report to talk off the self-seekers around his son.

By: Mr. Kintu Moses

Political Analyst

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