NRM endorses Mary Akol in LCV Bukedea by-election

The National Resistance Movement party has endorsed Mary Akol to carry the party flag in the forthcoming Bukedea LCV By-election slated for June next month.

The unanimous decision emerged at the NRM district conference held today, Tuesday at St. Theresa Secondary School, Okunguro in Bukedea town council.

Mary Akol, the district Vice Chairperson, has been serving as Chairperson in the interim capacity since the death of Mr. Moses Olemukan.

Seven aspirants including Loyce Akiror, daughter of the deceased (Olemukan) had offered to represent the party but decided to withdraw to consolidate the support.

The NRM 1st vice National Chairman, Al-hajji Moses Kigongo in his speech commended the people of Bukedea for their discipline and for accepting the advice of unity from the party’s National Chairman, H.E President Museveni.

“I am very happy with the people of Bukedea district for listening to the guidance of our National Chairman (President Yoweri Museveni). The discipline you have shown here is immense. If the whole of Uganda would emulate you then the country would be very far,” Kigongo said.

The Vice Chairman thanked all those who had expressed ambitions of clinching the LCV seat but later turned it down for the sake of political harmony in the NRM family. “Thank you for loving Uganda and accepting in front of one person. The movement (NRM) does not buy people, because we don’t even have that money. Withdrawing doesn’t mean you are weak,” Kigongo said as he saluted the aspirants who stood down in favor of Mary Akol.

Kigongo also assured delegate members that NRM is not going anywhere because we know what the people want. “Ugandans want service delivery and that is why we brought many poverty alleviation programs like the Parish Development Model and Emyooga to uplift the livelihoods of people in the subsistence economy.” Al-hajj Kigongo said as he rallied NRM leaders to embrace them.

Capt. Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice Chairman for the Eastern region asked the people of Bukedea to follow the political will of the late Moses Olemukan who had entrusted Ms Mary Akol as his deputy.

“The love and support you had for Olumuken should be transferred to his vice (Mary Akol) who is now seeking to replace him,” Mukula appealed to the Bukedea people.

Mukula urged Ms Mary Akol if elected to take care of the people of Bukedea. “Don’t be like a duck that doesn’t care about its young ones that never gives them food. Never tolerate corruption in your leadership. When money is disbursed to the district, declare what has been received and give it to intended beneficiaries.”

The NRM deputy Secretary-General, Rose Namayanja asked Bukedea voters to support an aspirant from the ruling party to enable a smooth flow of services and implementation of government programs like the PDM.

“Every parish in the country is receiving 100 million for PDM. With the NRM chairman in leadership, the program will be well supervised while working with other district leaders,” Namayanja said.

Meeting with President Museveni

Rt.Hon. Namayanja told delegates that all area MPs, interested aspirants, and other influential leaders from the district attended a recently convened meeting by President Museveni and the consensus was reached.

Due to possible divisions after primary elections, Namayanja said, “Over 100 people from here (Bukedea) met with the President, including persons who wanted to express interest to carry the party flag.”

Namayanja reiterated, “We are here to sow a seed of peace. And I want to confirm that nobody was bought. That is why we have made them all speak before you. Let love prevail, let peace and unity prevail.”

The Director of Mobilization at NRM Secretariat, Hon. Rose Seninde requested for unity among NRM supporters in Bukedea ahead of vote seeking.

“I am confident we shall win this election provided we work together,” Seninde said as she addressed NRM members.

Nominations of candidates by the Electoral Commission will take place on the 5th and 6th of June next month.

Notable among other leaders who were present included Dr. Tanga Odoi, the NRM, Electoral Commission Chairman, and Hon. Emmanuel Dombo, the Director for Communication.

Reported by: ONC Media

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