Masindi General Hospital in languishing state; Bunyoro region ONC Coordinators reports.

Mr. Tunura Brian, the ONC Bunyoro sub-region coordinator, has unearthed worrying details about Masindi General Hospital. Tunura who visited the hospital on Tuesday 09th May, discovered that Masindi General Hospital which was constructed in 1926 needs a new face, by constructing a new one which was already put in the budget for 2022-2023, but up to now the money which was meant to start the construction has never come. The 10 billion, which was meant to come every quarter has never come, and now we a heading to the new financial year of 2023-2024 still nothing. This put a very bad impression and face on some people whom I met taking care of their loved ones in the hospital.

Some hospital wards are small, which makes many patients to sleep in one room more especially when the number is high.

The theatre ward is also very small in a way that the doctors cannot operate more than two people in the same theatre.

The drugs are not enough, and sometimes there is always a delay in the supply of drugs from national medical stores, which interferes with service delivery by doctors and nurses.

The X-Ray unit doesn’t work, there is what they call “FILMS” The films got spoilt and the whole X-ray machine stopped working.

In the labor ward, the delivery room has no privacy, the room has 3 delivery beds, but the delivery beds are not in good condition, the mattresses are a ton, and one bed is very weak in a way it can’t support the backs of the mothers while one is going to deliver. And also the room is small, which needs partitioning to create privacy.

The hospital has only received the 4th consignment of drugs from national medical stores, yet they a supposed to have received the 5th one. And in the 4th consignment, they got there were no surgical gloves, this puts the lives of the medical staff at risk because they have worked in a good environment, and this forces these medical staff to tell patients to go out and buy them.

Masindi General Hospital has only one functioning ambulance and the other one is grounded from BWIJANGA Health Center IV. Which needs to be serviced.

Neonatal Unit, the space is also small and there is a need for qualified/specific staff to work here. this also needs to be addressed too.

The children’s ward also needs to have an independent nutrition ward, because sometimes you find that there are those babies who need special attention and support for undernutrition but you find that the staffs in the children’s ward are the ones doing the work of nutrition.

There is also a problem of lack of promotion to staff who have worked for many years and have not been promoted. this alone demoralizes the work pedigree of these staff. Some have worked for 10 years with no promotion. And there are no cross transfers of some staff, this person has worked at Masindi General Hospital for 16years but this staff has never got a cross transfer, now this start is getting old, and this is a complaint from the staff.

The theatre ward is also very small in a way that the Doctors cannot operate more than two people in the same small space. Some machines are not functioning well in the theatre ward.

By: ONC_Media_Team

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