Residents of Mayirinya “A” Village in Bukabooli Sub-County in Mayuge District are on the verge of being evicted following a fraudulent LC. 1 Court ruling; they call for help.

ONC Busoga team visited Mr. Dhafa Benefinso aged 102years and others who are set to be evicted on land they have lived on for more than 20 years.

Mr. Watokoli Wilberforce an LC 1 Chairman forged a local council court ruling which the Chief Magistrate Court of Iganga Holden at Mayuge and High Court Holden at Jinja relied on to uphold the earlier decision of the local council court at Mayirinya village. In 2022 the plaintiff a one Olwenyi Joseph attempted to execute the court order through court bailiffs however the then RDC of Mayuge District Richard Gulume moved to the locus together with his security team at the District & he discovered there was a lot of falsehood in regards to the rightful owner of the disputed land. All parties were invited to attend however Mr. Watokoli Wilberforce the now chairman of Mayirinya village ‘B’ didn’t show up, so the meeting was postponed to another day still, the chairman Mr. Watokoli who forged an L.C 1 court ruling didn’t surface. As per the eviction order, the security was to evict people on land measuring 36 acres visa vie the 4.2 acres on the ground and the security team also discovered that the same people who sold the land are the very ones who were claiming for it again. A whole village of residents occupying this land under contention is calling upon the Ministry of Lands, the Judiciary, and the president to intervene before matters escalate. They also ask the President as the commander in chief to prevail on security personnel led by the current RDC of Mayuge from harassing them, failing to listen to their concerns plus picking some of the residents in the wee hours.

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