“None of you should fall behind in this Social-Economic transformation journey.” ONC Manager Hajjat Hadijja to Rukungiri Youths.

The ONC manager also a Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs Hajjat Hadijja Namyalo Uzeiye has presided over the Youth Summit at Kebisoni T/C in Rukungiri District. The summit has convened mobs of youths, district security officers, political leaders, and technical staff to discuss involving youths in Economic productivity.The ONC Manager in her speech emphasized to the crowds “It is your mandate to hold leaders accountable because you vote for them”. Rukungiri district is historically famous for being an opposition home with frustrated social economic transformation empowerment efforts despite the frequent budget allocation to the Local government. “I have come here to assess your needs and in a couple of weeks, I will return with sustainable household wealth creation projects” asserted the ONC manager. In other areas such as the Greater Luwero Sub-Region, the Office of the National Chairperson- NRM has empowered selected households with poultry and hybrid goats for farming plus salon instruments to support beneficiaries to create wealth through small and medium enterprises. The Youths’ Leaders have appreciated the ONC Manager’s extended facilitation to enable them to hold this year’s Youth Summit. H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa is aiming at transforming the economy to a middle-income level from the current GDP of USD 48 billion. The President’s objective is to have every household producing a good or service to the market with emphasis on value addition on the 14 production lines highlighted in his Musevenomics concept to reap from the strategic in and out market of Uganda, East Africa, Africa, and elsewhere in the world. At this event, the district leadership and Youth have lined to other districts in the country by endorsing “Jajja Tova Ku Main” a campaign to implement Musevenomics and affirming President Museveni’s candidature in 2026. Reported by; ONC_Media_Team
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