RDC Bukomansimbi District in Hot Soup Over Pricing Justice On Land Matters.

Mr Ssekyondwa Edward is a resident of Kitoma village in Butenga S/C in Bukomansimbi district and son to the late Messach Kato and grandson to the Late Lovina Kacubya alias Nnalongo Tebajjanga. He has created panic in the district security committee after his decision through his lawyers Kitimbo Associated Advocates to drag the RDC to courts of justice over injustice on land matters.

The trouble land is comprised in Buddu on Block 162 plot 29 measuring to 23 acres and registered in the name of the Lovina Kacubya alias Nnalongo Tebajjanga (late). Mr Ssekyondwa Edward and his family members have used this land since 1982 when his father acquired it from his mother the Lovina Kacubye (late) and died in 1987 leaving his children of whom Mr. Ssekyondwa Edward was at the age of 12 years and now 49 years of adult age.

This year, the other children of Nnalongo Tebajjanga who have been living in exile for more than 15 years, returned home and put the complainant on pressure to vacate their mother’s property despite being children to their dead brother. They deployed a tractor to clear off all the food and coffee plantation on the 23 acre land. The complainant resisted this activity with support of the locals and made a telephone call to Mr. Mutebi Sula an agent to the RDC who stopped the tractor operators from executing their instructions.

The complainant was summoned by the CLO at Uganda Police in Bukomansimbi district on charges of obstructing a lawfully activity as per the instructions of the rightful land owners. On explanation, the charges were dropped and both parties got reconciled by the RDC Ms. Kagaayi Jane Francis with resolutions that; the current occupant continue to use the disputed as he rethinks on sharing a percentage of it with his relatives who are siblings to his dead father for purposes of harmony in the family.

To the complainant’s surprise, the RDC coiled her decision and wrote a letter stop all agents of the complainant from using the said land and not to carry on any activity come July this year and to attend a meeting scheduled on 2/4/2023 at the locus as expressed in the controversial letter dated 28/4/2023. On learning about this letter, Mr. Ssekyondwa Edward reached to the RDC who promised him to maintain the status quo as determined in the previous meeting on the 25/4/2023. She asked him fuel of Ugx 400,000/- of Ugx 300,000/- was meant in cash and the balance deposited on her mobile money contact in her name. The RDC who is alleged to have acquired a fatter price from the USA and UK based children of the late Nnalongo Tebajjanga gave tough instruction in the meeting conducted on the 3/5/2023 stopping Mr.Ssekyondwa Edward using the said land. In her words ” Go and claim land that belongs to your mother not your grandmother. “

The complainant raised and informed the RDC that he is to proceed with seeking redress from the court of law and the RDC replied “Even when you go to court, no court order can be implemented without my approval and that is a wastage of time” . In the letter dates 4/5/2023 drawn by Kitimbo Associated Advocates on behalf of Mr.Ssekyendowa Edward intending to sue, all matters were put to the attention of the RDC which has caused panic in the security committee.

Our source held anonymous informed that “The RDC and DISO are of the same tribe and the position is to re-schedule another meeting and allow Mr. Ssekyendowa Edward to use the land”. This is however on promise the letter is not shared with the Minister for Presidency in fear of the RDC to be fired. The key head of the children of the living children of Nnalongo Tebajjanga who lives in the USA has vowed to use all the monies necessary to chase Mr. Ssekyondwa Edward off their mother’s property and he is in the process of pursing for letters of administration over the Estate of the late Lovina Kacubya alias Nnalongo Tebajjanga.

In our telephone dialogue with the complainant he said “Counsel Suzan Abbo the State House lawyer taught us about the land laws at Masaka where I was a witness to a conflicting party and I am determined to use the law even though they have all the monies to corrupt other officers like they did to the RDC”.

In the inconsistent letter signed by the RDC Ms.Kagaayi Jane Francis expressing the meeting to be conducted on an earlier date of 4/4/2023 at the time of its draft on 28/4/2023, is raising a strong suspicion about the incapacity of some of the RDC(s) that were appointed by HE the President of Uganda amidst divisions.

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2 thoughts on “RDC Bukomansimbi District in Hot Soup Over Pricing Justice On Land Matters.

  1. The same RDC did such to the case between a child called Zzinga Charles and his older brothers where by the brothers wanted him and the people he sold land to vacate.
    The RDC too alot of money from both sides until when some of the people who bought some of the land call for a village meeting and invited the RDC, this was the second village meeting about the matter and even this time the villagers witnessed that Zzinga Charles and his younger sister called Namatovu are the rightful owners of the land as the elder brothers got theirs from their late father.
    On the first meeting conducted by the CDO of Kibinge Sub-county, minutes were noted as villagers chased away a one big brother of the two siblings a one Mr. Nsamba who was laying bricks at the same land.
    There’s an anonymous source saying that “the one who kept Mzee Benaado Kanwagi’s will is still having it and it clearly says that Zzinga is the heir, but the elder brothers from a step mother sat with the keeper and wrote another will that gave one of them a position of heir whereby they left the position of Zzinga and sister as true owners of the land near graveyard where their mother ( the late second wife ) was living. But now they’ve crossed the second fake will to assert that Zzinga took the land which belongs to them”
    The RDC has been key and middleman of the two parties and has been soliciting money from a one business man among buyers called Mr. Dalausi Muluya of Misanvu in Kibinge Sub-county.
    Till now the RDC is still in the case as the brothers changed it to asserting that one of their aunts didn’t share after their grandfather’s death and their father had to give that land to her.
    Currently, they again changed the case to Zzinga selling the land wrongly to people without his sister’s awareness ( whom is kept by brothers since their mother’s death). The locals continue to allege that the first wife’s children ( the elder brothers and sisters) were the reason to Zzinga’s death as it was abrupt and unclear.

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