President Museveni intensifies the fight against poverty through ONC.

By ONC Online Media Team

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has launched a sustainable household wealth creation project through his Office of the National Chairperson based in Kyambogo to intensify the fight against poverty in Uganda.

The project was launched yesterday in Luwero district by Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye the president’s Personal Assistant and triples as the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs and National Coordinator Bazzukulu, in attendance of the NRM Central Executive Committee member Mr. Gadafi Nassur, the Youth Representative in parliament Hon. Kirabo Agnes, and the NRM flag bearers at parliamentary level; Ms. Magara Patricia, Ms. Cissy Mulondo and other dignitaries in Luwero district.

“Muzee told us he doesn’t want to hear chants of oyee oyee when his people don’t have what to eat” said Hajjat Namyalo. She put to the attention of the president the non-inclusiveness of the Parish Development Model and Emyooga due to too much corruption and bureaucracy staged by the program managers and asked the president “What do we do for the left out individuals?” The convinced president resolved to design a project through agriculture focusing on supporting households with goats, sheep, and poultry for farming.

On instructions of the president, yesterday the project kicked off in the Luwero district which is the political Mecca of the NRM with 80 beneficiaries identified from the three constituencies; katikamu North, Katikamu South, and Bamunanika County. The beneficiaries were categorized into groups of poultry and hybrid goat farming where each beneficiary received 200 birds, 15 bags of 50 kg feeds (starters, growers, and finisher), veterinary services, and transport of the items to the farm. In the hybrid goats’ category, each received 2 goats, veterinary services, and transport to the farm.

At all the distribution points; Luwero Guest House, Katikamu Youth Centre, and Zirobwe T/C, Hajjat Namyalo Hadijah Uzeiye emphasized to the people of Luwero district that the president holds them so dear irrespective of the declined performance of the NRM in Luwero district as per the 2021 election results. That the project specifically started in Luwero because of its significance in the NRM/A history. She cautioned the beneficiaries to not be tempted to sell the project items as has been the case for some other projects because intense monitoring is to be conducted throughout the project and the president himself will also be following up. The project items estimate to cost Ugx 5 million and can transform the household from poverty carefully attended to.

For the beneficiaries who were even trained on how to manage the projects for successful results, all their particulars were recorded for purposes of monitoring, accountability, and transparency. Unlike in other projects where for example a kid would be passed on to the next beneficiary on the list, all the productivity will be owned by the beneficiary household.

“I have never seen this in all my life. I am so thankful to the president for supporting my family with such a valuable project of goats” remarked Ms. Nalubega Jamila one of the beneficiaries in Zirobwe.

Mr. Gadafi Nassur stated, “The ONC has been there for some time but I have not seen a such dedicated and committed team like this current under Hajjat Namyalo and I owe you all my support”. He added that the president and NRM are committed to transforming Ugandans economically and socially, and therefore all those who think otherwise against the NRM will be defeated as always.

Reported by: ONC Online Media.

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