NRM’s Okulu Jimmy takes Guild leadership of Metropolitan University

It was ululating and screams of joy as NRM’s Okulu Jimmy won the Guild Speakership of Metropolitan University in Kampala.

In a tightly contested election, Okulu won his closest rival, Ms. Khainza Mastula by a mere 5 votes, while the 3rd candidate, Mr. Mugisha Moses came in with a bit of social distance from the leading two, only managing a total of 5 votes.

The always jolly and full of energy Jimmy Okulu attributed his win to God and to his various friends from the NRM party who supported out of party and cadre spirit.

“Surely two weeks ago I couldn’t see how, but God saw how! I want to thank him for his miraculous presence in this election and in my life and also the friends he has given me” said Jimmy Okulu as he contained his tears before cameras.

In his first remarks, he pledged to work closely with the Guild president of the University to advance the image and profile of Metropolitan University to compete with the likes of Makerere and Kyambogo in the pecking order of the country.

Caption: Okulu (3rd right, front row) during an NRM youth March in Soroti with Youth MP for Eastern Uganda Hon. Bernard Odoi and NYC Chairman Jacob Eyeru

“The elections are now over, what our guild leadership needs is unity and progress and I call upon my opponents to work with the elected of the Guild president and myself to advance common visions for the students” he said.

Okulu, a young man from Apac District in Lango sub region of Northern Uganda, has been closely involved in multiple NRM Youth activities and mobilizations with the likes of Jacob Eyeru the Chairman of the Youth Council, Tanga Collins, Macxzzon Muhwezi, Kidega Moses, Nimrod Kakayi, Brian Mauso, Francis Shaa among other new breed of NRM Young cadres.

He ended by thanking the NRM youth league leadership for mentoring him through the exemplary leadership of Chairman Gadaffi Nasur and pledged to deliver to the students to the best of his ability and to also mobilize as many supporters as possible for the university

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